June 23, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 23: Favorite Location?

Today's we'd like to know what is your favorite location from the game and why? Whatever you consider a "location" is fine with me, from the entire cities of Paris and Prague, to smaller locations like The Louvre, the Serpent Rouge, the Archaeological Dig, Eckhardt's Laboratory—even little places like Renne's Pawnshop or St. Aicard's Church. If you like it, tell us, but please explain what it is that attracts you.

Thanks to Katie's Tomb Raider Site for another lovely TRAOD screenshot, Prague this time.


  1. Many of the areas in this game are so well-designed and interesting to look at. It's hard to pick just one. On Day 5, I mentioned how much I like the Louvre Galleries and the Botanical rooms in the Bio-Research Facility, so I guess I'll stick with those. But I also liked St. Aicard's Cemetery and the church turned into a boxing gym. And the mostly deserted Archaeological Dig site was quite atmospheric. Too many choices...!

  2. I really liked the streets of Paris. They were so deserted and the atmosphere was very intense! The Louvre is also a great area, including their sewer and ventilation system !

  3. I agree with Stella. I liked the Louvre Galleries and the Bio-Research Facility,

  4. Stella's right.

    I really liked all the locations and how they were very big and somewhat complex.

    It's interesting how some of the levels and locations could be done differently or gone through with a differnt process, like the streets of paris. I guess saying that is not entirely related to locations but whatever.