June 21, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 21: Did You Ever Finish AoD?

We've heard from many fans this month about their experiences with the game. A few have said they never made it to a particular scene or boss because they weren't able to get past a certain part (usually but not always Boaz). ;) How about you? Did you ever finish AoD? If so, how did you feel when you finished it? If not, in which level did you give up?

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness
Final level screenshot by Katie Fleming.


  1. As I mentioned in my Day 1 comment, I got stuck on Boaz, due to my PC at the time seizing up whenever she spat out the green goo. I was able to continue thanks to a savegame from a friend. The same thing happened again in the underwater sequence with the spikes in Neptune's Hall. But again, my buddy came to the rescue. So I was finally able to complete the game. It was a hollow victory though.

    Later, when I got a new computer, I was finally able to beat the whole thing on my own. That felt really good.

  2. I have finished all of the Tomb Raider games except Guardian of Light (which I got bored with). Without a walk through. Sorry! :) I discovered the opening and shutting the flaps on Boaz by a process of elimination.

  3. (As mentioned before) I stopped when I had to win against Brother Obscura, but I did finish the game. I found the ending to be disappointing in three ways: Eckhardt boss fight, Karel boss fight and the goodbye to what actually was a great game.

    Fighting Eckhardt and Karel was a huge disappointment. Before I even finished the game, I watched walkthroughs on YouTube to see what I would be doing, and I was stunned by how terribly easy and boring it was. Eckhardt should have been terrifying and difficult to fight (and there should have been a timer connected to the Sleeper; say he would wake up?) and Karel could have been even greater. I wish the final bosses had been as exiting, frustrating and difficult as the rest of the game.

    The ending was sad, in a way. There was no second or third in the series to explain what would or could have happened, so we were left in the dark with Lara until Crystal's reboot. We didn't know the fate of Kurtis (even if Kurtis was a true character--what if it was Karel all along?)Lara was still running from the police and trying to clear her name, and all she left was another mess behind.

    I was disappointed with the ending, but the game was a great play overall and I would play it again (as I currently am doing :D)

  4. I did get stuck in Boaz for a long time, but when a friend told me how to change targets, I finally killed her and finished the game! :p silly me for not reading the instruction manual xD

  5. I did finish the game - thanks to a friend of mine who turned the graphics settings down to the very lowest level possible so I could have a playable framerate on my poor old secondhand computer. This is what the game looked like for me:

    Playable framerate, not so playable graphics :D Thanks to AoD I ended up buying my very first gaming PC. Man I was happy when I finally got to play the game how it was supposed to look :D

    The final boss fight was pretty disappointing - pity Core didn't have time to design it properly. I was very sad when it was over, and even more sad when it became clear that we weren't getting any more games from Core :(