June 27, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 27: AOD Remake by Crystal Dynamics?

Throughout this month-long challenge, many fans have mentioned their desire to see AOD resurrected, while others are content to let it lie buried. How about you? Would you like to see Angel of Darkness remade (or continued) by Crystal Dynamics?

Angel Of Darkness Reborn by luciferFlash.


  1. As I said, after gaining experience, Crystal could make the sequel, and I think the same applies to a possible remake. The company has already got 5 games to account for, and they could do a AoD remake on its own or with part of the continuation of the story. One of the biggest fan service possible in gaming is the remaking of a game, and why stop with one? They could even use the same background story that Core prepared for the AoD sequels and twist it with their own ideias. They've done Anniversary almost perfectly, they could do this even better!

  2. I'd also have to say no, though I'd elaborate a bit. I think it would be unfair both to the fans and the developers. The most hardcore AOD fans would probably be the least likely to enjoy the type of sequel or remake that Crystal would make. Conversely, it would be unfair to Crystal to have to produce a story they didn't create. It takes years of hard work to make a video game. Better they should concentrate on realizing their own visions, even if they lose some classic TR fans along the way. I regret that the trilogy was never continued, but I'd rather leave it as a perfect potential than see it made half-heartedly.

  3. Yes, of course. A lot of people wanted to see a remake of this game since 2003. ¿Why not?

  4. They really should remake the game with the same plot and the same dark Lara because the game was supposed to be a triology and there were so many questions left unanswered after they ruined AOD.


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