August 29, 2012

Second Annual 30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge - Call for Topic Ideas

With the new TOMB RAIDER still six months away, Lara's fans could certainly use a little something to keep us busy.

The 30-day Tomb Raider Challenge we did last year was so much fun, I thought we'd try it again this September. In case you missed the 2011 challenge, you can find the introduction here and the rest of the questions and answers here. (I've also posted a quick list of last year's topics in the comments section below.)

The original TR Challenge was created by Jeremy as a series of Tumblr posts. This time, we're on our own. I've got a few ideas but definitely not enough for all 30 days. So if you have topic suggestions, please comment below, post them on our Facebook page, or send them to me by email or Twitter (@stellalune). You're welcome to submit more than one question. If we can't answer them all this time, we'll save them for the next challenge.

The 2012 challenge will begin right here on September 1. I hope you'll join us!

Wouldn't it be cool if they still made Tomb Raider calendars like this one from 1999? (Photo courtesy of Katie Fleming.)