December 1, 2019

Extra Life 2019 Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the 24 winners of the Tomb Raider Community Team's Extra Life prize raffle! Everyone has been contacted by email. We hope to hear from you all soon so we can send you your prizes.

Gaming Heads Lara Croft Statue - Alona P., USA
Taryn Platt Artwork - Stardust Legacy, USA
Temple of Osiris Lithograph - Aaron B., UK
Art of Tomb Raider Book Set - Norbert T., UK
Tomb Raider Legends Board Game - Joshua - New Zealand
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - Lara_Shin, UK
Loot Crate T-shirt and Minifigure - Charlotte T., Australia, and Chris A., USA
Tomb Raider Coloring Book - Ryan and Austin B., both USA
Lara Croft GO Viewmaster - Rident, UK, and Smantha K., USA
Lara Croft Totaku Figure - Vladan, Serbia
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Art Book - LuckyThirteenth, USA
Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game Set - Hexzell, Canada; Gunter M., USA; and Jack A., Mexico
ToyBiz Lara Croft Figure - Lauppfrosch, Germany
Rise of the Tomb Raider Razer Mouse - Chris M. and Michael C., both USA
Alicia Vikander Barbie - Angelo W., Netherlands
Tomb Raider Mystery Box - Sprinter_1, UK; Evan M., USA; and Vanessa, France

Thanks to everyone who entered, donated to our Extra Life efforts, watched our livestreams, and helped to spread the word! As of today we have raised $5,195 for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. If you haven't donated yet but would like to, Extra Life accepts contributions through the end of the year. Visit the team's Extra Life page for details.

We would also like to give special thanks to the following prize donors for helping to make this raffle and our marathon weekend such a success. đŸ’™

  • Artist Taryn Platt (also an Extra Life team player) for donating her time and her beautiful Lara artwork.
  • Tom from Lara Croft Online for donating some of the treasure box items.
  • Crystal Dynamics for donating the computer mice and several items for the TR treasure boxes.
  • Square Enix MontrĂ©al for the Lara Croft GO Viewmasters.
  • All of the gamers who have donated through my Ko-fi page this year. Your contributions helped us buy and ship these great prizes!

November 3, 2019

Extra Life Marathon and Raffle Update

As most of you heard, the Extra Life site was hacked yesterday, preventing contributors from donating, players from receiving alerts, etc. It seems to be working now for most people. If you wanted to donate but still can't load, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. If that doesn't work, please be assured that Extra Life accepts donations until the end of the year, so please don't give up!

It's also possible to donate offline with a check or money order made out to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. You'll need to send it to me, and I will forward it to the charity. Just contact me and we'll work out the details.

In spite of all that, the team managed to beat our initial $3,000 goal. We're now at $3,602 and have received a challenge from our great friend and supporter, Vagabondo5591: If we can reach $3,900 by the end of today, he will top it up to $4,000. If we get to $4,900, he'll make it an even $5,000, and so on. So anything you can do to help would be most appreciated. If you donate through my Extra Life page, your contribution goes directly to San Jorge Women & Children's Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The team's annual raffle is also live. We're giving away a Gaming Heads Tomb Raider III Lara Croft statue, some gorgeous artwork by our teammate, Taryn, and lots of other Tomb Raider goodies. Anyone can enter, but Extra Life donors receive bonus raffle entries. Check out the Extra Life Raffle page for details.

Thank you so much for your support!

October 30, 2019

Extra Life Charity Marathon This Weekend!

It's that time again! This weekend, November 2-3, the Tomb Raider Community Team will be playing our 8th annual Extra Life charity marathon to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I am once again gaming in support of San Jorge Women & Children's Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you'd like to make a donation beforehand, just click the 'Donate' link at right or visit my Extra Life page. Contributions are tax deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids in Puerto Rico.

Even if you are unable to donate, I hope you'll check out the Team's Marathon Schedule, stop by our Twitch channels this weekend, and enter our prize raffle, which will launch soon and run through November. And by all means, please spread the word.

Thank you so much for your support!

August 31, 2019

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Extra Life Livestream

If all goes according to plan, I plan to launch my Extra Life 2019 fundraising efforts by streaming Shadow of the Tomb Raider on my Twitch channel Sunday, September 1, at about 10 a.m. EDT. (Click here for your local time.) I hope you'll stop in and say hello.

Once again I'll be playing for San Jorge Children and Women's Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The island is still rebuilding after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017 and bracing for another hurricane season. With disaster relief slow to arrive, these kids need help to heal, grow, and thrive! I'll be sharing my donation link during the stream, but if you can't make it and would like to donate and help me reach my goal, please check out my Extra Life page.

Photo courtesy of San Jorge Children's Hospital Instagram.

August 1, 2019

Tomb Raider Community Extra Life Charity Marathon FAQ

The following was originally posted in 2014 and last updated January 7, 2024.

Each year in the runup to Extra Life, I receive a lot of questions from both gamers and potential donors. So I've put together this Q&A. If you're wondering about something that isn't covered below, please feel free to contact me.

Extra Life 2014


What is Extra Life?

Extra Life is a gaming marathon to raise money for charity, specifically for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. It's like a walk-a-thon or fun run, but instead of actually breaking a sweat, participants collect donations and then play games for 24 hours. The main focus is on video games, but some people also play tabletop games, board games, etc. Any type of game is fair game!

When is Extra Life?

In 2024, the TR Community team will be doing two events: a midsummer marathon focusing on Tomb Raider Level Editor games, players, and creators July 20-21, and the official Extra Life weekend marathon, November 2-3. In addition to these special weekends, many players fund-raise for Extra Life throughout the year.


Is Extra Life a legitimate charity?

Extra Life is not a charity in itself; all of the money raised goes to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, a registered charity that helps fund 170 children's hospitals across the United States and Canada. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life players have raised more than $100 million to help sick and injured kids!

What is the Tomb Raider Community Extra Life Team?

We are a group of Tomb Raider fans who have joined forces to make our Extra Life fundraising efforts more fun for ourselves and our supporters. This is our 10th year together. Since 2012, we've raised more than $75,000. You can help us smash our $10,000 goal for 2024.

This year we're planning two major events: a mid-year marathon focusing on Tomb Raider Level Editor games (dates TBA) and our traditional stream relay during the official Extra Life marathon weekend, November 2-3. Details and schedules will be posted on the Tomb Raider Community team page. Many of our team members will also be streaming on Twitch and YouTube throughout the year. Donations of any size are most appreciated!

How do I make a donation?

It's easy and secure. Go to the Tomb Raider Community team page, click on the "Roster" link, then on the team member you'd like to sponsor. (Or ask a team member for their direct link. Mine is Once you're on the player's page, click the "Donate" button, and follow the instructions. To donate offline with cash, check, or money order, contact me or one of the other team members.

Where does the money go?

Most Extra Life players choose to support their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, shown on their fundraising page. 100% of your donation goes directly to that hospital. Players can also choose to support the organization's mission-critical funding, which directs resources where they are most needed. These players have the CMN Hospitals 'balloon' logo on their fund-raising page rather than a specific hospital's logo.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All US donors will receive an IRS-compliant tax receipt as soon as the donation is made. Canadian donors will receive a tax receipt by mail from their local hospital foundation, usually in February of the following year. If you live outside the U.S./Canada, you'll need to follow up with your country's tax authority regarding international charitable donations.

For more information, check out this FAQ for players and supporters on the Extra Life site.

Charity is great but what's in it for me?

Apart from the warm, fuzzy feelings you'll get from helping hospitalized kids, the TR Community team also sponsors an annual prize raffle to coincide with the Extra Life marathon. In the past, we've given away games, consoles, books, statues, artwork, and other collectibles. (Check out past blog posts for details.) The raffle is open to everyone (except team members), and Extra Life donors receive bonus raffle entries. We'll announce details here and on the team page a few weeks before the official marathon.


Does it cost anything to sign up?

No. Basic Extra Life registration is free. To sign up, visit the Tomb Raider Community team page and click "Join Our Team."

What if I live outside North America?

Extra Life is open to participants worldwide. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals are located in the U.S. and Canada but serve patients from all over the world. When you sign up, you'll have the opportunity to choose a specific hospital or raise money to support mission-critical funding wherever it's most needed.

What do I need to do once I've signed up?

Once you've registered for Extra Life, joined the team, and chosen the hospital you plan to play for (if any), you should set up your fund-raising page. Sign in on and click "Your Page" at the top left. From there you can scroll down to 'Settings' and change your display name (if you want to use a screen name instead of your real name), view and edit your fund-raising page, check your donations, connect your Extra Life page with your social media, etc.

When you signed up, you will have set a fund-raising goal. Now it's time to get the money! Extra Life has lots of tips for soliciting donations. If you can meet your goal before or during marathon weekend, that's great, but Extra Life continues through December 31 if you need more time.

I also encourage team members to join our Discord server. Contact me or any other team member for an invite.

How do I collect donations?

The quickest and easiest way is to send people a link to your Extra Life fundraising page and have them make a secure online donation there.

What if people don't want to donate online?

Not a problem. You can enter cash, check, or money order donations on the Extra Life site then send them in later using this form. Or, if your donor doesn't mind, they can give you cash and you can make the donation in their name.

What if nobody wants to donate? :(

Don't give up! There are lots of creative ways to solicit donations. Here are some fund-raising suggestions that may spark your creativity. You'll also find ideas on the Extra Life Discord server.

Is there swag involved?

If you upgrade to Platinum registration by paying a $19 registration fee, you will then be eligible for prizes once you reach various fund-raising thresholds. There are new incentives each year, including decals, T-shirts, and silver or gold medals for raising $500 and $1,000, respectively.

Extra Life Participant Swag

There are also unlockable Achievement Badges for both individuals and teams. These are available to Regular and Platinum players.

The team has a Redbubble store featuring various items with NondescriptMidnight's Tomb Raider Community logo. All proceeds from the store are donated to Extra Life. We also sponsor a prize raffle. Team members are not eligible to enter, but your friends and family members certainly can. See the Q&A for donors, above. The Extra Life organizers, sponsors, and some individual team members run giveaways during marathon weekend. So if you participate (or tune in) you may win something then.
Do I have to stream my gaming during the marathon?

No! Not at all. Some players enjoy streaming on Twitch, YouTube, etc., and this can help drive more donations, but it's not required. Many participants play offline, on their own or with friends. Some play PC or console games, others play tabletop games or log time on their tablets or mobiles. Whatever you want to do is great. If you do stream but aren't available November 4-5, by all means, set your own schedule.

Do I have to join Extra Life to play on the Tomb Raider Community livestream?

No! We understand that it isn't possible for everyone to do the fund-raising. If you want to help by playing on the livestream and asking for donations on other players' behalf, that's wonderful too. We need all the help we can get! If you want to do this, just contact me directly and we'll work out the details.

I still have questions that weren't answered here.

For more information, check out the Extra Life Player FAQ and feel free to contact me.

One of 2015's Extra Life promo videos. In 2023, game day is November 4.

May 5, 2019

Last Revelation Limited Edition Inna Vjuzhanina Print Giveaway!

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Giveaway

It's been more than a decade since I last revised my walkthrough for Tomb Raider 4, but this week I'm putting on the finishing touches! I've completely redone every level, added more than 3,000 new screenshots, and posted new save files for the Steam/GOG versions for players in need. The updated guide can be found here on my main site.

To celebrate, I'm giving away some Last Revelation swag, including a gorgeous, limited edition print by Inna Vjuzhanina! Print measures 297 x 420 mm / 11.7 x 16.5 in (A3 format) and is printed on 230 g/m² high-quality ultra white photo paper with a gloss finish. There are only 25 prints available in the Limited Edition set. Each is signed and numbered by the artist. See more of Inna's work at Order this and other prints on StoreEnvy. Other prizes include a 3-inch tall classic pewter Lara Croft figurine (larger image here) and copies of the PC version of The Last Revelation on Steam.

This giveaway finishes Monday, May 13, at 6 am EDT (10 am GMT). Enter using the form below or visit

For a bonus entry, comment below and let me know your favorite level (or levels) in The Last Revelation and why. If you haven't played TR4, or haven't played it in a while, tell me why you'd like to try it now. (If you've already shared your answer on Twitter or Facebook there's no need to post again here. You'll be counted.)

Thanks for helping me celebrate this milestone...and good luck!

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April 22, 2019

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered my season pass giveaway and helped spread the word. We have our winners!

Steam: Claudio
PS4: Elizabeth
Xbox One: Rohan

Congrats, friends! Since all three winners use Twitter, I have just DMed the download codes.

I hope everybody enjoys Lara's next DLC adventure, The Path Home, available tomorrow.

April 20, 2019

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass Giveaway

The final DLC pack, The Path Home, is set following the end of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, after the dust has settled and the battle is over. It is only available to Season Pass holders. Just fill out the questionnaire below (or visit for a chance to win a Season Pass download code for the platform of your choice. Winners will be announced Monday, April 22. The Path Home launches April 23. Good luck!

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