August 7, 2017

Tomb Raider: Underworld Now Playable on Xbox One

Tomb Raider: Underworld and the two Xbox-exclusive expansion packs, "Beneath the Ashes" and "Lara's Shadow," are now playable on Xbox One via backward compatibility. If you already own the game on disk, there's no need to buy it again. Just follow these instructions to install and play on Xbox One. Or, you can purchase the digital version through the Xbox Store. The main game is $19.99 (£14.99 or €19,99). Each story DLC pack is $9.99 (£6.75 or €9,49). New and used Underworld CDs can also be found on eBay, Amazon, Amazon UK, etc.

The add-on levels "Beneath the Ashes" and "Lara's Shadow" were originally released in 2009, exclusively on Xbox 360. They were never available on PC or PlayStation, so this marks a new opportunity for today's gamers to try them. In "Beneath the Ashes," Lara returns to the remains of Croft Manor in order to find a powerful artifact hidden in a mysterious centuries-old labyrinth deep beneath the estate. In "Lara's Shadow," players control the doppelgänger and wield all of her powers of speed and strength. This unique gameplay experience also reveals Natla's fate following the events in the main game.

To celebrate the Xbox One announcement, Crystal Dynamics has added some previously unreleased concept art to their Underworld Flickr gallery.

Underworld is now one of more than 400 Xbox 360 games now playable on Xbox One. If you'd like Microsoft to make Legend and Anniversary backward compatible as well, cast your vote here on the Xbox website.

Lara's Shadow HD Launch Trailer from 2009 (Thanks to TombRaiderUNDERWORLD)

Tomb Raider Underworld Concept ArtTomb Raider Underworld concept art (Thanks to Crystal Dynamics)