September 27, 2014

Team Tomb Raider Community Extra Life Update: Closing in on $1,000

Team Tomb Raider Community is now just $19 away from raising our first $1,000 for Extra Life! Can you help us meet our goal? Every dollar donated goes directly to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Thank you, kind and generous raiders!

In case you missed my earlier announcements, the Extra Life charity videogame marathon is scheduled for October 25-26, but our efforts are already well underway. Visit the team page to find links to the individual players' donation pages and streaming schedules.

Extra Life - Team Tomb Raider Community

September 9, 2014

Saber-Scorpion Minifigure Contest Winner

Congratulations to Paul G. from Oxfordshire in the U.K., the winner of our LEGO minifig contest giveaway! He chose the cool female adventurer figure shown below. I apologize for the delay announcing the results here. I remembered to post on Twitter and Facebook but somehow doing a blog post slipped my mind.

If you didn't win, you can still get your hands on one of Saber-Scorpion's customized minifigures. Just pop on over to and browse the store. You'll find male and female adventurers, plus soldiers, spies, superheroes and many more!

Don't forget Extra Life is coming up soon. Be sure to tune in to our Tomb Raider livestream October 25-26 for more great prize giveaways.