August 29, 2012

Second Annual 30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge - Call for Topic Ideas

With the new TOMB RAIDER still six months away, Lara's fans could certainly use a little something to keep us busy.

The 30-day Tomb Raider Challenge we did last year was so much fun, I thought we'd try it again this September. In case you missed the 2011 challenge, you can find the introduction here and the rest of the questions and answers here. (I've also posted a quick list of last year's topics in the comments section below.)

The original TR Challenge was created by Jeremy as a series of Tumblr posts. This time, we're on our own. I've got a few ideas but definitely not enough for all 30 days. So if you have topic suggestions, please comment below, post them on our Facebook page, or send them to me by email or Twitter (@stellalune). You're welcome to submit more than one question. If we can't answer them all this time, we'll save them for the next challenge.

The 2012 challenge will begin right here on September 1. I hope you'll join us!

Wouldn't it be cool if they still made Tomb Raider calendars like this one from 1999? (Photo courtesy of Katie Fleming.)


  1. To make it a little easier, here's a quick list of the topics we covered last time:

    1. Favorite game in the series
    2. Favorite Antagonist
    3. Do you like the movies? Why or why not?
    4. Favorite Lara Croft Outfit
    5. Favorite/Least Favorite Enemy
    6. Favorite/Least Favorite Weapon
    7. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot?
    8. What was the first Tomb Raider game you played?
    9. Have you cried at any parts during the game?
    10. Have you read any of the books? If so, which ones?
    11. Were there any specific moments during the game that scared you?
    12. What are your thoughts on Kurtis Trent?
    13. Favorite TR Music
    14. Least favorite game in the series.
    15. Favorite picture of Lara Croft
    16. Favorite Location
    17. Favorite Puzzle
    18. Favorite Live-Action Model
    19. Do you own any Tomb Raider merchandise besides the games?
    20. Favorite Lara Croft voice actor?
    21. Favorite Way to Kill Lara Croft
    22. What sequence gave you the most difficulty?
    23. What fond memories do you have of the Tomb Raider series or of Lara Croft?
    24. Does anything bother you about the Tomb Raider series?
    25. Which is the most challenging Tomb Raider game?
    26. Favorite scene from the Tomb Raider series.
    27. If you could suggest one thing to Crystal Dynamics in regard to the Tomb Raider series, what would it be?
    28. Favorite Tomb Raider parody
    29. Favorite fan creations
    30. How has the series affected your life?

  2. Looking forward to this, was a lot of fun last year :)

  3. I have a "Cryptic Croftword" with 30 clues?

  4. Will you be answering these questions as well Stella? :)

  5. Absolutely, Jason. Now if I can just get 30 questions to ask.... Very few people have submitted suggestions, but hopefully once the challenge gets rolling, people will get ideas and start sharing them. :)

  6. I'm not quite sure how to phrase it, but there could be a question asking what kind of environment they prefer. Whether it's the downpour in Mexico, or the snow from Nepal.

    There could be one that requires some creative thinking; having fans come up with and describe an interesting trap or puzzle idea that could feature in one of the games.

  7. Do we answer the questions right here in the comment box and what are the benefits of answering the questions? Just answering them and seeing other great answers?

  8. Great ideas, Jaden. Thanks. :)

    Aariannnn, yes, I'll post a new question each day in September and people can comment below each post. If you want to go back to last year's challenge questions and answer them too, you're welcome to do so. There is no real benefit except to share your thoughts and have fun. :)

  9. P.S. If you look at last year's challenge questions and the comments, you'll get a good idea of how it's done.

  10. Alright, thanks! It definitely seems fun. (:

  11. Which real life person most reminds you of Lara Croft?
    What is the best cut scene from all the games?
    Which Tomb Raider fanfiction stories have you read?
    What is your favourite fanart?

  12. Ost, you are a lifesaver. xoxo We did fan art last time but may revive that topic since there's been a lot of new stuff since last Sept. Thanks!

  13. How about:
    Most emotional moment,
    Favourite character, (not including Lara Croft)
    Favourite platform to play them on,
    Favourite location, (eg: Tibet, Peru, Egypt)
    Which do you prefer: Core Lara, Crystal Lara or survivor Lara?
    If you could join Lara on a quest, which location would you choose and why?

  14. How about, favorite custom Tomb Raider levels and why?

  15. - Which game has the most interesting/well hidden/useful secrets?
    - Which is your favorite hidden secret?
    - Which game has your favourite finding-all-secrets reward?
    - Which game do you enjoy to replay when you finish it? (For find all secrets, time trial, etc)

    I love secrets and replaying content haha.

  16. I'm a fan of speed runs, so my question would be

    "What's your fastest time through any game & single level (without collecting artifacts or Health Packs) and which is that?"

  17. Fasca, I used the secret idea and forgot to credit you in the post. I've added a note at the end of Day 6. Sorry about that and thanks for the idea! :D