June 15, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 15: Do You Think Kurtis Survived?

Is it possible we're already halfway through the challenge? Time flies! Today let's talk about Kurtis again. Do you think he survived his encounter with Boaz and why or why not?

Kurtis and Boaz by [Xmas]
Kurtis vs. Boaz rendered by [Xmas] from TRF. More in this thread.

Thanks again to F- Yeah TRAOD! for creating and sharing the challenge questions.

If you've come late to this challenge, feel free to answer any of the questions that interest you. There's no time limit. And if you'd like to participate in past challenges, you're welcome to do that too. Check out the September 2011 and September 2012 challenges in the archives.


  1. I do. I think the way his chirugai behaved in the final cut scene, where Lara found it, indicates that he did survive. At least I like to think so.

  2. He had to! The body didn't just vanish (although creepy things happen in AoD :p). Boaz was to small and dead to get rid of it. The only thing that occurs to me is that Kurtis never actually existed, maybe it was Karel all the time. It would explain why did he vanish, but I like to think that old pal Kurtis did in fact exist!

  3. Oh Kurtis. I think I shared some of my thoughts about him in these comments for one of the previous days. I like to think he didn't make it, but I have a feeling he did (because of his chirugai coming to life), and would've returned for the other trilogy games.

  4. I expect that Kurtis lived (unless that was Karel that passed out on the floor, and Kurtis was off galavanting somewhere).

    Because he was missing at the end and his Churigai Blade was left behind, I think he managed to get out at least half-conscious. Lara would have run into him eventually and went with him to Turkey to find the Nephilim in their underground...temple.

  5. Kurtis definitely existed since he and Karel are in a scene together; right after the escape from the Louvre. If you listen carefully, you hear the “karel changing appearance” sound effect just as “Bouchard” appears. You also hear it during the flashbacks to Von Croy's murder.

    As for whether or not he survived, all evidence suggests that he did. Either that or his body got eaten.

    1. Good catch, Arol! I never noticed that. I will definitely pay closer attention next time, and this is another great reason to do just that. :)

  6. I got a bit confused about Kurtis. Wasn't he Karel shape-shifting or something? Seem unlikely if there was going to be a trilogy that he was dead. Didn't his wotsit twitch in Lara's hand at the end?

  7. Argh! We'll never know!

    I like to think that in some form he was supposed to have survived, because the cutscene with Karel shapeshifting suggests he's not really human (or does it? maybe it just suggests that Karel can look like Kurtis?)...


    Much as it pains me to say it, I don't like to guess at what happens outside fictional stories. I would prefer to know for sure and keep what we don't know as a mystery. Consequently, I'm going to have to sit on the fence here.