June 16, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 16: Continuing the Series

As most of you probably know, Angel of Darkness was the first in a planned trilogy. Needless to say, the other two games were never made. Today's challenge question is in two parts: How do you think AoD could have continued? Should it have?

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness concept art


  1. I don't have an answers for this one. In a parallel universe, Core Design had double the manpower and another year to polish AOD. It emerged fully formed and glorious to behold, and the planned sequels went ahead on a relaxed timetable. In this universe, not so much. :(

    I'm afraid I have no clue what the sequels would have been about, but I've always wondered what might have been.

    1. I share the same opinion, Stella.
      Well, there was an idea about the 2nd part of the trilogy. The whole game was under Cappadocia, in Turkey. And as for Kurtis... well, he survived the wound. But unfortunately, that's only information... info that lies on tombraiderchronicles.com

  2. I would have liked Core to have fully completed AoD first of all, and I would have really liked seeing the next two installments of the thrilling series.

    I think that Lara would have looked for Kurtis, then went to Turkey to face the Nephilim race in hiding. I also think Karel would have possibly made a come-back. It would have been enjoyable, but it would have been two more dark (as in poor lighting quality) games :(

    But I would have liked the series to have continued under different circumstances.

  3. It should have. The ending was a bit on the open, when it comes to Kurtis. The story of the AoD sequel would have been more centered on Kurtis and his past. After all, there are many things that were left unexplored when it comes to Kurtis!

  4. I wish Core had been kept on. I've visited a few of the underground cities in Cappadocia (http://www.cappadociaturkey.net/undergroundcities.htm) so it would have been cute and maybe quite creepy to have had them in the sequel. I know some people were really into the Lux Veritatis storyline but I probably would have been happy with some classic puzzle levels, creepy sound effects/silence (and maybe some Nephilim dinosaurs).

  5. Oh, I'd have loved it to! I don't think it should have because it ended in such a way that Crystal would have had to severely compromise Legend in order to do so.

    I don't think Legend had a particularly interesting story, and it's probably my least favourite Tomb Raider, but, credit where credit's due, it was a cohesive, well-executed, fresh action game. It couldn't possibly have been if it had been required to pick up where AoD left off and tidy up its loose ends. For a start, how could we have had the lovely reintroduction of Lara's house and its puzzles?

    I don't want to confuse two issues (Legend needing to be its own game doesn't mean that AoD shouldn't have had a sequel), but sometimes in development, practical considerations have to come first if a series is to continue.

    I really wish the story could have continued though. So how would I have liked it to happen?

    I suppose in an ideal world I'd have liked the second game to have been about the search for Kurtis and the uncovering of the Nephilim's secrets, while the third could have been about actually putting everything right!

  6. I do agree with Stella. In a perfect world, this game wouldn't have had its problems, and it would have earned its sequels.

    In the real world, it is as it is, and the series had to move on without Core or AoD in order to stay alive. It's sad, because I would have loved to see the "trilogy".