June 10, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 10: Favorite Quote

So, E3 started today and, perhaps more importantly, it's Day 10 of the Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness challenge! Today's question: What is your favorite quote from the game? Funny, serious, touching? Doesn't matter. Just tell us the line you like and why.

Angel of Darkness image by Tombraidergifs.


  1. Mine is when Lara is talking to Dr. Muller in the Bio-Research Lab. He's rambling on about the cabal granting all its key players immortality, and Lara says, "If I had a coconut for every time some lunatic said something like that...." Just love it. So random. So perfect.

  2. Pretty much anything Janice says is gold. But some of my favorites:
    "That attitude won't get you far 'round here, sweet thing."
    "Move along, ma cher, you make the place look crowded."
    The amount of sass in her conversations with Lara is perfect.

  3. "You humans break so easily..." - Karel when he crushes Werner's glasses and lets them fall beside Lara. I found his action and words to be sad and regretful, rather than angry or out of enjoyment.

    "Get out! Get out of the way!" - Werner Von Croy trying to protect and ultimately, guide, Lara for what would be the last time.

    "I'm a dangerous girl, and right now, I'm losing patience." -Lara to Cafe Metro Owner.

  4. "Move along ma chere, you make the place look crowded."

  5. "Welcome to Paris!" It feels like they are saying, "hey, get ready because things are really starting to heat up in here!".
    And it's always a nice finisher for the conversation with Janice !

  6. "I helped you all along. Both here and in Paris. You can trust me, Lara Croft" - Karel, before the final revelation of Werner's murder.

    "I hunted down and killed the last of the Lux Veritatis. I am immortal." - Eckhardt before confronting Lara.

    "And I thought this would be one of my easy days..." - Kurtis after noticing the Proto inside the Sanitarium.

    "D'you know? It's gonna be a real pleasure to shut you up." - Lara before confronting Eckhardt.

  7. Akh! Stella, you've stolen me thunder, that was my favorite as well. The coconut bit. And yes, the 'kh' @ the beginning of the exclamation 'Akh' has that wonderfully gutteral Middle-Eastern sound that I love even if I have never seen Egypt (or AEgypt, as John Milton onced penned it)or inhaled enough sand to accomplish it naturally rather than fake it to sound either Arabic or Jewish. lol. Anyway, can I PLEASE play The Last Revelation and Chronicles and AOD this Summer without a hel-acious hurricane season happening yet again? It isn't like anyone wants to have a brawl between what St. Augustine referred to as the 'empty gods.' You know, like Enlil (Babylonians), Illuyankas (Hittites), Indra (Indians), Set (AEgyptians), or Typhon (Greeks). It sounds a wee bit crazy, but I have noticed some very odd coincidences. Should I just play my TR collection on a laptop I don't have as of yet, just to be safe?

    1. I don't think any of us are safe these days. I live in New York, for crying out loud, and we've had 2 hurricanes and an EARTHQUAKE in the last couple years. New York! And now it's the 17-year cicadas. (Ahem! Plague of locusts!) But yeah, maybe if you play on a lappy under the dining room table with a sheet thrown over it like tent fort, maybe, just maybe the gods won't notice. ;)

  8. I think Stella took mine!

    "If I had a coconut for every time some lunatic said something like that...."

    ...then what, Lara? You would have lots of coconuts?