June 7, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 7: Three Things You Love and Hate Most?

First, my sincere apologies to readers who aren't into Angel of Darkness. I'm sorry to see we've lost a few of you already. This is going to go on for another 3 weeks, though. So if you need to unsubscribe, I understand, but I hope you'll rejoin us in July.

For today's challenge question we'll be making a short list. Tell us 3 things you love and 3 things you hate the most about AoD.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness concept art

All credit for the 30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge goes to the fabulous Tumblr blog F- Yeah TRAOD!

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  1. Love: The wild, complicated and dark storyline.
    Lara's sarcastic, take-no-prisoners attitude.
    The soundtrack.

    Hate: "I feel stronger now...."
    It was released unfinished.
    We'll (probably) never see the sequels. :(

  2. Love:
    Soundtrack (from typical Lara Croft to disco music!)
    Story (nice and clever!)
    Variety of levels (streets, facilities, tombs...)

    Unfinished gameplay and story
    No dual pistols
    Boaz xD

  3. Best:
    The soundtrack
    The dark mood & storyline
    The graphics from the start & end scene

    Unfinished story :(
    Controls & graphics (repeated movements during conversations)
    The (obviously) unfinished fights against Eckhardt and Karel

  4. I didn't hate anything. The game being released unfinished was about the worst thing, that and the judgement of its success being unfairly linked to the success or not of the Cradle of Life film.
    I wish there had been more tombs, but compared to modern 2013 Lara that seems like a small thing now.
    The end boss was a bit weak.

    I liked the puzzles.
    I liked the scifi/horror vibe.
    Moody anti-hero Lara is always a plus.

  5. Three things I loved: The storyline; the characters; the soundtrack.
    Three things I hated: It was released unfinished; we may never see the sequels; the upgrade system (I mean, I kind of liked it. It was important for Lara and, supposedly for Kurtis, to gain or to regain some abilities. But the way it was programmed doesn't make any sense! You don't feel stronger by simply kicking a door or by pushing an object through a short distance...)

  6. Liked:
    - The soundtrack. Peter Connelly added a lot of depth with the music that the story didn't.
    - Kurtis getting stabbed.
    - Pretty graphics in the tombs.

    - Crap controls (she cant even run in a straight line)
    - Anaemic story with no depth at all.
    - Kurtis Trent, a stereotype of what game designers think women find sexy.

  7. I loved the story line, the variety of places to explore (it was the first Tr/action game I ever played and I was damn well impressed) and how Lara had do do certain things to increase her strenght etc.
    But the controls of the game are so damn buggy and the end was dissapointing. :( Oh and it took me years to pass the ghost-guardian level to get the painting because I didn't even know online walkthroughs existed :p

  8. Like:
    Dark atmosphere and story
    The soundtrack
    Lots of funny glitches that I can film and put on YouTube

    Giant plot holes
    Rubbish controls
    Annoying game-crashing glitches

  9. Dark, otherworldly and uncertain world, a whole new ballgame for TR.
    Lara's graphic look- Sharp, edgy and timelessly modern.
    Giving Lara the possibility of a relationship, no other TR does this.

    The way she runs down stairs.
    That it is never going to be resolved.

  10. Like: Scenery and Laras aesthetic
    The soundtrack
    The darkness
    Hate: The controls are absolutely horrible on Ps2. Took me forever to do the most BASIC things I have no problem with on any other Tomb Raider, even older TR games
    No Croft Manor, really?
    Its so not finished. Disappointing.