June 22, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 22: Favourite Weapon?

Today's question is about gampelay. What is your favourite weapon from the game? I would also add, did you miss Lara's signature dual pistols?

Lara Croft with Dual pistols
Promo art shows Lara with dual USP Match pistols. Sadly, these were not playable in the game.


  1. I think the coolest weapon was Kurtis's chirguai. I was disappointed we couldn't actually use it. :( But of the ones that were actually playable, I liked the K2 Impactor. I always felt guilty shooting museum guards and other innocents, so being able to use a taser was fun and also seemed more realistic...except when the bodies faded away anyway. ;)

  2. There were weapons? Was there a rocket launcher? My favorite ever Tomb Raider weapon experiences are (a)blowing tigers up with a grenade gun (b) flinging people about with the gloves in Underworld. I don't even remember Kurtis and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

  3. Forgot to answer my own question about the dual pistols. lol My answer is yes. :D

  4. I missed Lara's dual pistols! I notcied it right off the bat, and I wasn't fan of how she held the gun by her head and did a fancy dance-jog when she saw a target AT THE EDGE OF A PLATFORM.

    I didn't really like any specific gun in the game. I suppose the one she got from the closet on the top of the roof before the Derlick Apartment Block level was good- it had a nice range and did the job.

  5. I liked the V-packer. It was a bit useless since we actually never killed any thing substantial with it, but it felt so good firing so many shots so quickly! And yes, the dual pistols should have been there. Not from the beginning, but a least later!