June 19, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 19: Thoughts on Lara and Kurtis's Relationship?

Earlier we talked about Kurtis as a character, but today's question focuses on the interplay between the two main characters. What are your thoughts about Lara and Kurtis's weird relationship? (F-Yeah TRAOD chose the word "weird," but I'd have to agree.)

Lara and Kurtis
Angel of Darkness screenshot courtesy of Well-Rendered.


  1. I do think it the relationship between Lara and Kurtis isn't quite what it seems. To me Kurtis seems more alien than human - almost like a curious cat. As for Lara, I'm not convinced she's got time for all that nonsense when she's trying to stay alive and not get arrested for murder.

  2. It was... interesting! They seem to be competing against each other, but deep down there's a spark between them :)

  3. Have to agree with Ostercy here. I'm not sure how much of that was intentional on the part of the writers/animators and how much was just what could be done. I found the "groping" scene a bit awkward and embarrassing, but I did like the idea of two lone-wolf characters coming together, if only briefly, for a common goal.

    More than a potential romance, I got the feeling they were both sort of circling each other and seeing how they could use each other. I'm sure if either had tried to get in the way of the other's progress, they would not have lasted long.

  4. I would have liked to see more to their "relationship", but perhaps not in a romantic manner. Tolerance and having each other's backs would have been good to stretch out.... then maybe have it go somewhere only to end before anything blossomed.