June 20, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 20: Least Favorite Boss?

From good guys to bad, who/what is your least favorite boss and why? Lots of choices here: The Cleaner, Boaz, the Proto-Nephilim, Brother Obscura, that crappy giant fish mutant that only seemed to crave the blood of PlayStation gamers, Eckhardt, Karel? Have I left anybody out?

Brother Obscura screenshot
Brother Obscura screenshot courtesy of Katie's Tomb Raider Site.


  1. Mine is most definitely Boaz, for the reasons I mentioned in my comments on Days 1 and 6. So difficult, so hideous, so taxing on my ancient PC. Still, the feeling of finally beating her was priceless.

    I haven't played the game again recently. I wonder if beating her/it will still be as hard now that I've beaten the serpent in Legend and the centaurs in Anniversary. ;)

  2. Boaz, the infamous beast that kept me from completing the game! I once thought that I was the only one having troubles with this boss. Boy I was wrong! I mean, the idea and setting for the boss is very good, but also most of the others are. The controls... oh well!

  3. The Proto-Nephilim is a bit rubbish. Brother Obscura was a good puzzle. But the best and the worst boss was Boaz.

  4. Boaz was the most annoying thing in video game history.. just kidding but you get the point I'm sure. :P

  5. Oh, Boaz for sure. Die slime queen die!

  6. Brother Obscura. I actually stopped playing TRAoD when I couldn't avoid him and snatch the painting. When I finally beat the boss, I was sooo happy but I wouldn't want to do that part again.

  7. Urgh, Brother Obscura. When I saw that picture I actually got annoyed. That's how difficult and annoying he was.

    Boaz I can't remember being too bad (story consequences aside). The fish thing was a bit annoying but really, Obscura was just the pits.


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