June 30, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 30: Feelings, Conclusions

Throughout the month of June we've been celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness with this challenge. At last we wind things up with the final question, though it's actually more of an invitation to ramble. Go ahead and express your AOD feels—about the game itself, your memories of playing it, the sequels getting cancelled, anything we haven't already covered in previous days—you're among friends. ;)

Once again I want to thank F-Yeah TRAOD! for creating the questions and sharing them with the world. I've taken the liberty of modifying a few of them for our purposes, but I've tried to cleave to the spirit if not the letter of the original challenge. Massive thanks also to Core Design for making this amazing, frustrating, magical game.

If you missed any of the past days' questions, I encourage you to go back and respond to any that interest you. There's no time limit. Just look for June 2013 under "Blog Archive" in the sidebar or "30-Day Challenge (2013)" under "Labels." All the challenge posts are linked there.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness concept art


  1. As I'm sure you all know by now, I love AOD. Despite its glitches and flaws, it's still a brilliant game and so much fun to play. I remember all the hype leading up to its release and being so excited when it finally came out. I remember being angry and disappointed when I couldn't finish certain parts (Boaz, Neptune's Hall) for technical reasons. And I remember feeling exhausted and excited and wistful at the end. It's definitely my favorite TR game ending.

    Today I still feel all those things, but I also feel sad that we'll probably never know what happened—or at least never be able to experience it ourselves—and sad that we'll probably never see that beautiful, angry, ruthless, sassy, hot-and-cold Lara again. Don't get me wrong, I love the new games too, but I miss the old Lara and will always carry a torch for her.

    1. I think TRAOD was one of the best games of Tomb Raider done by CORE DESIGN

    2. I totally understand were you are coming from Stella, I to was frustrated on what a cliff hanger the game ended on but at the time the frustration left more excited to what legend was going to be like ;)
      After completing the newest TR I've decided to revisit my old school TR games and start from the very first game and so on :) I'm currently on chronicles and next AOD ahhh the reminisance aha!
      I also want to st a big thanks to you and your walkthroughs over the years, Lara would be proud.
      Luke from the UK ;)

  2. Was the Angel of Darkness Lara or the Nephilim? Or Janice the Tomb Raider Prostitute? We'll never know.

    Unless we read the thousands of pages of fan fic (fanfictiondotnet) written on the subject which finishes the story in several ways.

  3. I loved it. I remember playing it for several hours in the Christmas night, and it felt so different and awesome. As I never made much of a deal on the glitches and stuff, I thought everything was stunning. And finally seeing an obviously different TR game (although the 5 classics are fantastic, they are very similar graphically and gameplay wise), it was the best feeling in the world! Even Boaz couldn't stop me from loving the game! And of course, when it went to Crystal, the series definitely improved in many many ways (although some hardcore fans don't like to admit!), but AoD always left me wanting more and more! Great game and great initiative, Stella! :)

  4. I LIKE IT ANGEL OF DARKNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I played when I was thirteen years.

    The Angel Of Darkness for me the best game.

  5. I love Angel of Darkness. I got the PC version when it came out, and while I have yet to finish it(Brother Obscura stopped me initially, when the PC I had it on couldn't handle him), I've never run into any glitches that weren't due to hardware limitations. In fact, I'm about to try again, as I've just installed it on my Windows 7 PC.

    It's such a fun game. They obviously put a lot of work into designing everything. I'm hoping, though at this point I doubt it will happen, that they let Crystal Dynamics have a crack at the story, if the rest of it exists.