June 11, 2013

30-Day Angel of Darkness Challenge Day 11: Favorite Cutscene?

The AOD challenge continues. Today, let's talk about cutscenes. From the elaborate FMV cinematics to the little exchanges of dialogue beween characters, which is your favorite cutscene and why?

Angel of Darkness screenshot courtesy of Katie's Tomb Raider Site.


  1. I'm not sure if this counts as one cutscene or two, but I love the ending, where Lara thwarts Karel and then finds Kurtis's chirugai, which leads her off into the tunnel. Great animation, great music reminiscent of TR3, all the ingredients. I get shivers every time.

  2. The opening cutscene when she's chased by the dogs and cops. It had great music, set the tone for the game, and had excellent graphics. I loved the way Lara looked and moved (so fluid!) and the addition of the classic Tomb Raider music.

    With exception of her square fingertips of course :3

    The ending one was great as well. Same great graphics and an obvious cliffhanger....

  3. Louvre escaping scene! The mix between Lara running from the gunman and trying to catch Kurtis is awesome! Without any chatting and with fantastic background music, it is a very exciting and suspense full scene!

  4. The cutscene when Lara and Kurtis are getting out of the Louvre and Lara is chasing Kurtis. I love that one!

  5. I can't remember any of the cutscenes. I like the "bloopers" reel they released though.

  6. ..When Lara enters 'The Tomb of the Ancients' and the camera angles to the floor of the cavern and back up again. I was in 'awe' the first time I saw this...

  7. I first played AoD (of course) with Stella's walkthrough. The Hall of Seasons were so upsettingly difficult that I never thought I'd make it through.

    Dejected, I just read ahead in the walkthrough, and came to this:

    "Kurtis and Lara finally get together...a textbook example of boy meets girl, boy frisks girl and steals painting, boy and girl make daring escape from heavily armed goons with the aid of a little magic...swoon! Unfortunately it ends badly."

    When I finally made it out of the Hall, the above summary made the infamous frisking sequence that bit more rewarding.

    It wasn't until I saw it set to some inappropriate music that I realised how weird the whole scenario was...

  8. I've skipped a few because I just couldn't answer them. Haven't played the whole game.

    Anyway, the question. Probably the one where we think Lara murdered Von Croy. I've seen very few.