September 14, 2012

30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge Day 14: Favorite Quote

Today's question comes from Jason and Marie, who ask you to share your favorite quote from a Tomb Raider game or movie.

I hate tombs!


  1. There are so many good quotes that it's hard to choose just one. One of my all-time favorites is in The Last Rev when Jean-Yves wishes Lara luck in her quest, to which she replies, "I make my own luck." A great window into Lara's character and words to live by, for sure.

  2. "You were kicked in the head by a horse, oui, so the brain doesn't work correctly?"

    "Hey, how d'you know about that?"

    "Never mind. Come now, get off this roof and I will buy you a milkshake."

  3. TR II..."Don't you think you've seen enough?" *gun shot*
    Love this so much it is on my computer for sound effects (file close)!

  4. I agree with Mary's quote! Great quote. A few more I really love are -

    'Don't you think you've seen enough?' - Lara Croft, Tomb Raider II, 'Home Sweet Home.'

    As a ten-year-old playing this game for the first time, I understood even then that Lara was being a bit of a tease - and a total badass!

    'Hmpfh. Whachoo gonna do, shoot me? Come on Lara, I just work here! Now, I know how bad you want this, but I can't let you pass... And we both know you're not gonna kill me for it... That's just not who you are.'

    '... I'm not who you think I am.' - Larson and Lara, TR Annivesary, 'Natla's Mines.'

    The cutscene where Lara kills Larson actually gives me shivers every time I see it. I think CD did a great job of showing things from different perspectives - not just Lara's sympathetic perspective.

  5. i like it on tr 2 in barkhang monastery when u have complete the bit with the swinging bags and the razor disk before u get to the end she says"congratulations, you did it"
    i love when she says that. i also really like in anniversary when lara and lasron are talking in the atlantis level and lara says "i dont have time for this, get out of the way or you die"

  6. "Well, this is a tomb - lets make them feel at home" from Legend :)

  7. Wow, it's a toss-up between:

    ""I'm sorry. I only play for sport."

    or Larson's

    "I'll heel and hide you to a barn door yet!"

  8. Last Revelation:

    Jean-Yves: "Be careful, Lara. I fear there are things in the vaults, man was not meant to see."

    Lara: "I'm not a man Jean, and I am always very, very careful."

  9. My favorite part is in Tomb Raider Underworld

    Lara"you dont know when to die do you natil"

  10. All of the game quotes that have already been mentioned are ones I would have picked! There is one movie quote that makes me snicker every time I hear it, though. In the first movie, the morning after Lara's mansion has been attacked and the UPS guy comes to deliver the letter from her father, when Lara notices him looking around in bewilderment at the damage, she tells him, "I woke up this morning and just hated everything."

  11. Tomb Raider Legend for me, where they're talking about the excalibur sword

    Alister Fletcher: It's called Coincidence.
    Zip: Hmm, funny name for a sword.

  12. Thanks again for using my idea Stella! :)

    One of my favourite quotes is from Tomb Raider Chronicles when Pierre is hanging from the cavern and Lara reminds him of their little agreement and says"Not to lay a finger on you remember silly! Anyway busy girl, got to go". I also like the banter between Zip and Lara in the VCI section.

    Another favourite is from Angel of Darkness on the last level where Lara is talking to Echardt in his lab. There are a few great quotes in there:

    "And stole their body parts, like a cheep grave robber"
    "As I will now take yours"
    "To wake this thing! You are grotesque!"

    "It's my destiny to breed hell on Earth. You are nothing to me"
    "D'you know, It's gonna be a real pleasure to shut you up!"

  13. ""I'm sorry. I only play for sport."

  14. For me, that' very easy.

    It has to be - "Right, let's go adventuring". :-)

  15. Brichyboy, that's a good one! :D

  16. Oh, I really adore cutscenes and quotes from Legend, especially on Spanish. But, however, here's my favourite: "All these years I blaimed myself and it was you! You killed her! /.../ Make sense right this second or I swear I'll execute you where you stand!" Very good cutscene and that angry Lara's face. Adore it. <3

  17. For me it's simply from TR1 (Not anniversary the quote just wasn't the same!) "Pierre, you litter bug"

  18. "Don't you think you've seen enough?" sums Lara up perfectly, I think. And it's a fun little jab at the whole sex symbol thing.

  19. Always liked "let's check the lunchbox" as
    Natla's thugs take the scion from lara.

  20. My favorites:
    The Last Revelation: "Got my fair share of that already. And besides... give a jackal your hand. And he'll bite off the whole arm." - Lara to Von Croy inside the Citadel.
    Chronicles: "So you're telling me to disarm myself in a building crawling with armed guards?" - Lara to Zip inside VCI.
    AOD: "You know? It's gonna be a real pleasure to shut you up." - Lara to Eckhardt under his lab.
    Legend: "Well, it's still in pieces! Who brought the super glue?" - Zip, when everyone in the manor beholds Excalibur.
    Anniversary: "If that's the sort of attention you want, Larson. You're well on your way..." - Lara to Larson on the Hotel, before Peru.
    Underworld: "But before you kill me, are you prepared to wait for Odin to appear and perform the ritual to open Helheim?" - Natla to Lara after giving her the coordinates of Helheim.

  21. Has to be the "Don't you think you've seen enough?" from TR2 :P

  22. 'I feel stronger now'.:)

  23. Reyes: "Seems anyone caught with you has a pretty low survival rate."
    Lara: "Better keep your distance then."

    "Mayday, mayday! This is Lara Croft of the Endurance, we have stranded on an island in the Dragon’s Triangle. We need help and medical supplies. Please respond!”

    "The line between our myths and truth is fragile and blurry..."

    Lara Croft: "It's a clock... It's ticking."
    Bryce: "Oh... one of those ticking clocks, eh?"

    I don't know, i have so manyyyyyy!!! :D

  24. "I hate tombs!"
    -Tomb Raider 2013
    I've got to go with that one, it's so funny.