September 4, 2012

30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge Day 4: Favorite Level

In last year's challenge, we discussed our favorite game, but let's narrow it down a bit this time. Brooklynspider and I want to know what is your favorite Tomb Raider level of all time and why?

St. Francis Folly
Tomb Raider St. Francis Folly screenshot
courtesy of Lara Croft Wiki.


  1. I do enjoy St. Francis Folly (pictured above) but I think my all-time favorite level is Barkhang Monastery in TR2. It's just so beautiful and the music is so atmospheric. Finding all the prayer wheels is a challenge, and heaven help you if you piss off those monks. ;)

  2. The cistern and sanctuary of the scion were my favorites in the original tomb raider. Barkhang Monastery was a real fun level but on my first time I did not know the monks were allies so i killed them all and bartoli's men. The real challenge though is Home Sweet Home, few medipacks, enemies that don't miss even though shooting the other way and the shotgun which i think is the worst weapon next to the harpoon gun. Would rather have had the automatic pistols or grenade launcher.

  3. My favourite level would have to be Temple of Horus in The Last Revelation. I liked the weighing scales puzzle with the water containers. I liked how if you got the puzzle wrong then the creature behind you in the cage would be released and try to kill you. I also loved trying to escape from Set. For ages I spent trying to put him down with the pistols before I realised he is a god. I also loved the 2 cinematics in this level too. With Set rising and Lara's presumed death. A great level for me! :)

  4. I have a few favorites:
    The Cistern - very confusing, but a really cool level.
    Barkhang Monastery - beautiful level, first level that we get help from mobs.
    Tibetan Foothills - I just love snowy levels, and we get the snowmobile!
    Floating Islands - all time favorite, very different level with really creepy and difficult enemies.
    Area 51 - aliens.
    Desert Railroad - it's on a moving train!

  5. My favorite level would be Wreck of Maria Doria, because I love underwater levels in Tomb Raider games, but when I think more I enjoy Mediterranean Sea in Underworld as well, the reason is the same I love underwater levels. ;)

  6. I agree I think TR2 had some of the best levels of the entire series! The first time I played that Monastery level I accidentally killed one monk right at the beginning XD
    I think my all time favourite level is the Tibetan Foothills with the snow mobiles, I like how you have to make good use of Lara's athletic ability at the beginning, and running over the thugs with the snow mobile was much easier than going through loads of ammo XD Also the Temple of Xian was a great level, I loved the design, it was really luxurious, but some of the puzzles were really tough!

  7. Every game has one favourite for me:

    TR1: Sancturay of the Scion
    TR2: Barkhang Monastery
    TR3: Crash Site & Madubu Gorge (can't choose!)
    TR4: The Lost Library
    TR5: Escape With the Iris
    TR6: Bio-Research Facility
    TR7: Peru
    TR8: Coastal Thailand

  8. I'm surprised no one has said Tomb Of Qualopec. My brother and I have this strange love for it - the original first Tomb with three unique puzzles. It's a great level - love the secret room on the stairs. I also really love Tomb of Tihocan with that awesome slide secret! Yeah, I'm a huge fan of TRII's levels too. Atlantis just freaks me out!

  9. Floating Islands. it' s so weird, spooky and atmospheric.

  10. My favourite game is Nevada Desert from TR3. The reason is because that's the most memorable level from my childhood and I was always thrilled when my uncle played that level. Nowadays, it's still my favourite level from all TR games. I like it because it's an outside level, there isn't much tombs and most of the level is outside. The atmosphere is really awesome, and the part where you break in the security area at the end of the level is the best. :D

  11. If I *had* to choose my *favorite* level, Iwould say 40 Fathoms from TR2. I grew up with the Core games, and my brothers and I loved going into a level, getting stuck in an area, and popping out that Level Skip cheat to check out the next level. But I remember how absolutely terrified I was when I was 40 fathoms underneath the surface, surrounded by sharks, and with a little bar showing me how much precious air I had left. It took awhile, but I finally figured out how to breach the sub/ship thing in the ocean floor and make it to safety before I drowned or got eaten. Sure, I then used Level Skip, but I remember my time under the sea stuck with me all through my childhood, and years later when I became a hardcore fan, I was so excited to play the "game with the sharks in it!"

  12. It's so hard to choose but my favorite would have to be Level 2, Venice in Tomb Raider 2.

    That was a superb level, especially at the end, gunning the boat up the ramp and crashing through the windows of the walkway across the canal.

  13. I really love Palace Midas and Sanctuary of the Scion. They are still tricky, and I just love the big areas and of course the very cool room benieth the Sphinx in Sanctuary of the Scion. They really made games more special than special and great graphics back then. :) And, I canät help but loving Nightmare in Vegas. It's such a crazy level, and I never get used to running around in-game with the sound of Winston, haha.

  14. St. Francis' Folly always gave me real vertigo. The original Peru level is so moody, and it's amazing to think how scary a bear or wolf can be when everything is so quiet. I do love the glitches in Egypt which can put you in very interesting positions. After doing some thinking, I think Vilcabamba does it for me. It introduces swimming, has lots of scary animals, and swinging blade traps. Perfect!

  15. Even though TR2's "The Deck" and St.Francis' Folly from the Anniversary edition are near the top of my list, always seem to go back to
    Floating Islands as my all time favorite.

  16. My favorite level is Aldwych from TR3. It's really challenging, I was so afraid playing it when I was little because of the trains and it's really long

  17. Aldwych from TR3. I loved abandoned places, and abandoned stations are my favourite. It's so wonderfully atmospheric. I actually got to go on a tour of the real Aldwych station last year, and it's a lot less lethal than the video game version!

  18. defo the gaurdian of semerkhet level from tr 4. i found it quite peacful for the most part but once that bull gets out all hell breaks loose. it is easy i thought aswell even though lara wants to hold used flares. (STUPID BITCH)

  19. I think Palace Midas is mine. It's such an instant classic! The timed burners, destroying the room above you by removing the pillar, the at first confusing levers in the room with all the doors and you can turn Lara into gold! Tomb of Qualopec and St Francis' Folly (From the original) are also up there in my list. I also love the first level of TR2 just because it throws everything at you straight away and the T-Rex secret is awesome. Love Venice and Tibetan Foothills as well!

  20. Love Coastal Thailand from Underworld. The vistas, the tigers, the enormous statues. Plus, I actually fround the relic without consulting the walkthrough!

  21. St Francis' Folly and Wreck of the Maria Doria are on top of my list. In St Francis Folly you find unique traps that represents unique challenges. And in Wreck of the Maria Doria its fantastic to imagine the ship on it´s days of glory while you go through the level.

  22. It has to be TR1 - Caves. It took me ages when I first got it, then I got quicker and ended up just doing speed runs. Great sense of achievement.

    Second favourite must be TR Underworld, Coastal Thailand. Stunning visuals and some new tricks. Just doing speed runs on that too, now.

    Seeing the longer video previews for the TR reboot, I suspect that might become tops, due to the graphics and the potential challenges. Don't think I'll be speed running that on for a while after its release ;-)

  23. To answer this question, I first have to point out that I don't know TR1 and TR2 that well, because it was a very very long time when I played them and I played each of them less than half-way-through. I also have not played The "TR Gold" levels for TR1 and TR2. But from TR3 onwards, including The Lost Artifact, I have played and finished all none-handheld Tomb Raider games (I have also played and finished Guardian of Light).

    My favorites from TR3:
    - Madubu Gorge
    - Aldwych
    - RX-Tech Mines

    My favorites from TRLR:
    - The Alexandria levels as one connected experience
    - The Cairo levels as one connected experience

    My favorites from TRC:
    - The Ireland levels (I have not precise memories from the individual levels)
    - The VCI Headquarters levels, especially Red Alert!

    My favorite from TR Anniversary:
    - St. Francis Folly

    The reason why I did not mention the other TR games that I have played, is that, even though I had a blast playing most of them, they have not any levels that have been so memorable to me as the levels that I have listed above.

    If I had to pick a singe one as my favorite, it would be really hard to say, but it's probably Madubu Gorge. I just really love the multiple ways you can go through this level, manuvering the Kayak, exploring and fighting the river, the complexity, and just the whole atmosphere of the level. Definitely one of my best and most memorable gaming experiences!

  24. Oh, also, for Tomb Raider Anniversary, I should add "Sanctuary of the Scion".

  25. Desert Railroad from TR4, I love that level, it's the level I always look forward to playing again, just a shame it's so short :P

  26. St Francis Folly or the Lost Valley. I can't decide.

  27. I love city of Vilcabamba from the original. It's beautifully simplistic and it seems that there is so much to explore with so many different hallways. I love the well water too because you don't actually have to go in. This is also the first time that you get to hear the beautiful theme music. And the swinging axes are a nice touch ;)

  28. Oh my gosh this is too tough.

    Ummmm........ I'm just going to have to pick one from a few of the games.

    TR1: Midas' Palace

    TR2: (Tough choice) Barkhang or Maria Doria

    TR3: Temple Ruins

    Last Revelation: UGH they're all too beautiful...Karnak and Alexandria levels altogether!!!!!

    Chronicles:Trajan's Market

    Angel of Darkness: Hall of Seasons

    I love the Crystal games to but I'm not going to elaborate on them for now.

    Now to REALLY answer the question, if I had to choose just ONE leve it would be..........Tomb of Semerkhet from Last Revelation. But really all of those levels are so beautifully designed it's hard to pick.

  29. I think I'll have to say one for every Crystal game, so here they are:
    Legend- Ghana, because it's so fun and Tomb Raider-ish
    Anniversary- St. Francis Folly, it's a great puzzle
    Underworld- I can't choose, they're all so good!!!!
    Survivor- Mountain Village, so many collectables!!!!