September 5, 2012

30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge Day 5: Most Aggravating Level

On the flip side of yesterday's challenge question, Austin and I want to know which is the hardest, most hated, or most generally frustrating Tomb Raider level for you? Tell us which level and why in a comment below.

P.S. We still have a few empty slots in this 30-day challenge. If you have ideas, please share them here.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Tomb of Tihocan


  1. For me it's the Great Pyramid in TR: Anniversary. Hands down. Specifically, I despise the climb up the inside of the pyramid with the retracting ledges and flying mutants. If I never had to play that again in my life, I wouldn't. (P.S. If you think it's a trial on the PC, PlayStation or Xbox, try the Wii version. Argh!)

    I'm also not a big fan of the underwater levels in TR2. They're claustrophobic and depressing, but I wouldn't call them particularly difficult or frustrating.

  2. I don't like Madubu Gorge in TR3 because I'm very bad at kayaking. That level is really frustrating for me and it always pissed me off. The worst part is because I use so much medipacks on that level and then I'm out of them and it's getting really difficult for the next level.

    Agreed with Stella about underwater levels in TR2, they are depressing and frustrating for me. I don't love them neither. That blue and orange color mixed on all levels, yuck!

  3. "For me it's the Great Pyramid in TR: Anniversary. Hands down. Specifically, I despise the climb up the inside of the pyramid with the retracting ledges and flying mutants." In reality, Stella and I are the same person.

  4. "'For me it's the Great Pyramid in TR: Anniversary. Hands down. Specifically, I despise the climb up the inside of the pyramid with the retracting ledges and flying mutants.' In reality, Stella and I are the same person." It's true. You've never seen us in the same place, have you?

  5. I would have to say The Sanitarium levels in the Angel of Darkness. I didn't like switching to Kurtis, nor did I like how slow he was or his farsee ability. I thought that it killed the pacing of the gameplay. I also hated the mutant creatures that chased you about.

    Another level that I hate is the Sanctuary of the Scion level in Tomb Raider Anniversary. Even the first puzzle gets me. Especially on the Wii where you have to draw the patterns out. I also didn't like the 2 rooms with the raising pillars. I thought this level in the first Tomb Raider was challenging enough but the TRA one drives me found the bend.

  6. Used to be lud's gate until I was trying to
    make my way up in the great pyramid in the
    TR Anniversary edition. When those winged
    things would shoot at me and knock me down, I had a really, really hard time getting back up
    before getting nailed again and then toppling
    over the ledge!

  7. The Lost City of Tinnos is TR3. That last secret is a nightmare. And it's the last secret of the game, so if you've gotten all the others you have to get it! Not only just on principle, but for All Hallows.

  8. I must be the only person who doesn't have trouble with the great pyramid climb lol

    I think for me the most aggravating level has to be the RX Tech Mines in Tomb Raider 3. I always forget which track leads where, can never time the motions right and always give out a little scream when the big scary mutants appear out of nowhere ._.

  9. I gotta say it'd be St. Francis' Folly in the Anniversary version for me. It's the only one I can't complete the time trial for.

  10. Furnace room of Level Midas Palace in TR Anniversary frustrated me most.It has an artifact, a head of bird.To reach the artifact I need press a switch and often it is hard to reach the artifact in time.It is very adventurous but also frustrating and disturbing to me. I can clearly remember I tried hours to reach it.Bad me:(

  11. Toss-up between The Great Pyramid in Anniversary (oh that climb up the pyramid and the stupid retracting ledges) and Boaz Returns in Angel of Darkness (dammit Kurtis why are you walking there's a monster trying to bite your head off RUN YOU MORON GRRAAARRRGGGHHH!!!)

  12. I hated Anniversary's Great Pyramid, too. I don't have problems climbing but I hate that they removed so many parts of Atlantis. And made Cistern and Tomb of Qualopeg one level. And when I was first trying to kill the centaurs, I almost crushed my PC. (Now it's almost too easy...)

    Other levels I don't like so much:

    -I usually enjoy gloomy levels, but Sanitarium in AoD is painful
    - Karnak part in TLR (too dark and long, I even like Cairo levels more)
    - some parts of Diving Area and Wreck of the Maria Doria, though I like them in general
    - The Hall of Seasons in AoD
    - underwater part in Lud's Gate (why didn't they put an oxygen cylinder in the submarine?)
    - Jan Mayen Island, TRU

    Some years ago I would have listed RX-Tech Mines, but come to think of it, it's a great level with many frightening moments. :D The dark corridor when you get the winch starter! "Buaaaargh..."

    And I really, really hate massive block puzzles. There's not so many of them in official TR's, but in some custom levels like Pirate Princess or Nerkopolis. I've stopped playing some good custom levels 'cause of that.

  13. Well for me The Great Pyramid in Anniversary as well, that level is one "pain in the ass", it can frustrate you and after that you can look like an angry "mutant".. :/

    I am not big fan of levels where there is only action, like VCI levels in Chronicles and yes, not that I don't like VCI levels in Chronicles I hate them, buggy and ahh.... that is the only part I dislike about Chronicles.

  14. umm i really had to think for this one. i wasnt exactly sure at first but i think the most aggravating level would have to be the floating islands on tr 2. i just couldnt make the jumps right or kill those flying monks (they are tough). i have attempted this level over 17 times and havent got any where succesfully.

    (lara its all your fault)

  15. I can't remember the name of the level, but I hated the one in The Last Revelation where you were trawling through boring Arabian streets and using the bike to do pointless jumps.

    I never found any of the levels in the early games that torturous. I found the claustrophobic underwater levels in TR2 very atmospheric in a time when games generally weren't.

  16. Boaz Returns hands down. That level was worse than smashing my head into a wall repeatedly (which it made me want to do) And that Great Pyramid climb in Anniversary was annoying too. Stella have you tried it on PSP with no right stick? That was an annoying one to do. I didn't like the Cistern either or the underwater levels in TR2. Levels I do my best not to have to play again.

  17. Kazakhstan in Legend. I played this first on the PSP, and the motorcycle part is just impossible.

  18. Jungle, the first level in TR3. Its very boring and frustrating when you walk through the swamp or you fall in the water and have to start all again if you dont save. When i want to replay TR3, Jungle level makes me think twice :P
    A first level needs more dynamics xD

  19. Two TR levels are still being so hard for me, even after years of playing, because of the impossibly hard bosses: TRA Tomb of Tihocan and TRAOD Boaz Returns. When I played TRA for the first time, I lost one week trying to beat two centaurs. After three days I referred to your walkthrough to get the strategy tips. And even when I knew what I had to do to beat them, it took me four more days (8 hours playing a day) to beat them. I had nightmares involving centaurs. Even now, when I play TRA for the fiftieth time, I need two-three hours to beat them again. Boaz Retursn is really annoying. Not only that Boaz is powerful, fast and hard to beat, not only that you have to know exactly what to do, when to approach and when to retreat, but also, you have to play with a character who moves like a tank :P I still hate that level, although I am one of rare TRAOD fans.

    When it comes to gameplay, the most complicated levels for me were It's a Madhouse! (TR3 Lost Artefact) where I lost myself many times around, TR2 offshore rig levels (swimming, backtracking, hard enemies), TR5 VCIQ levels (especially the last one, which is so buggy). But I don't hate these levels, I just don't enjoy playing them so much.

    Also, if you want to try some really complicated TR levels, I recommend some nice Hall of Fame levels. Believe me, no official old-school TR level can be so hard in gameplay and timed-runs as those created by hard-core TR fans.

  20. Yes, I also have to agree on the TR: Anniversary level where you're climbing the pyramid. I'm not sure if they realized how frustrating they made it when a single shot could knock you off; there is no skill involved in that! Just stupid luck if the fireball sent you to the left or the right.

    I particularly love the underwater levels in TR2, but I despise the Offshore Drilling Rig level where they take your guns and you have to run around and re-find all of your weapons. Grrr!

  21. "The Sanitarium", "Maximum Containment Area", and "Boaz Returns" from Angel of Darkness! Hands down! I HATED Kurtis (at least as a playable character) and his levels!

  22. Boaz Returns because of Kurtis, did it twice but now I just skip that level.

  23. The motorcycle levels from Legend. Fun, but the controls and handling were really loose to fully enjoy.

  24. First of all, any Angel of Darkness level. I didn't even finish the game!!!!!!!!!!
    If you want me to do a Crystal game, it's got to be Tomb of Tihocan; I hate the centaur battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!