September 28, 2012

30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge Day 28: Special Editions

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed there will be a special edition of the new TOMB RAIDER, though they have not yet said which systems will have special versions or what exactly will be included. If you answered "yes" to yesterday's question, do you plan to splurge for the special edition, and what would you like to see included in order to make it worthwhile? Do you own any previous Tomb Raider special editions?

Thanks to Austin for suggesting today's topic.



  1. The only special edition I own is the PC Anniversary set. It has a soundtrack CD and a special features DVD with the GameTap documentary and some cool "making of" stuff.

    I'd like to see what the TR 2013 special edition includes before I commit, but I'll definitely try and get my hands on a few copies to give away to y'all. :)

  2. I've never had the right type of console. Maybe there'll be something for the PS3 and not just the XBox as with Underworld, in which case if I like the game I might splurge.

  3. Don't have any special editions at the moment, but I hope they make one for the PS3. It's already bad enough Underworld's DC isn't available for the PS3.

  4. the only thing i have is a disc with extras from tr anniversary that came with the game. i havent taken a look yet

  5. Not until I've gone through the standard version a couple of times ;-)

  6. Stella, Having had a x-box 360...enjoyed the special edition Underworld Tomb Raider...but having had to switch to PS3 due to that x-box die-....thinks please its Overdue for the PS3 owners to have a special edition of Tomb Raider...........especially this NEW Tomb Raider-I would like to see levels from the old Raider games added in to the new game. But NEVER anything from A.O.D.....that still remains a very sore point and issue that Core destroyed...thankfully Crystal Dynamics and Square have buried that game. I would like to see more of Croft Manor too, which so far has gone unmentioned in the NEW game...still think there are a few sub plots available and still believe the Thrall was NOT Lara Crofts mother-but another of Jaqueline Natlas Doppelgangers. We shall see but the new engine and way forward is a brilliant idea-I mean us Raiders have been asking for something new and fresh for ages and then moan if we get the old tombs again-but Tomb Raider '13 gives us the best of both worlds and hopefully deeper longer tombs/ bigger monsters and new myths.........I still hope to see the Gorgon or Medusa used yet.
    Thank you. JT. aka tombraiderman1826

  7. special editions for any game franchise don't really do anything for me so I'm sure I won't this time either.


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