September 25, 2012

30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge Day 25: Favorite Fan Sites and Blogs

No, I'm not fishing for compliments. ;) Today's question comes from Marie and Ryan, who want to expand the list of Tomb Raider fansites and blogs they follow. So, other than this one, which fan-created Tomb Raider sites do you like to visit and why? What do you feel are some of the qualities of a great fan/tribute site?


  1. I hesitate to single out any particular sites because there are so many great ones, and I'm sure I'll overlook somebody, but for me, sincerity and originality are key. I love fansites that don't try to do everything but instead take a slightly oblique angle or focus on an aspect of the series that the player is passionate about. Here are just a few that spring to mind :

    The twisted and terrific Lara in Pieces about the many deaths of Lara Croft:

    Alex K's Winston tribute site, Jeeves: A Butler's Tale:

    iJayzon's LEGO Lara Croft Tomb Raider:

    The crazy-awesome let's plays of Perusing Pixels:

    The Kurtis Trent Estrogen Brigade:

    ...and many more listed at

  2. - because of the many, many interesting fan levels that are available for download there, and the useful user reviews that allow you to judge which levels are worth playing. Fan levels can bring hundreds of hours of additional Tomb Raiding fun!

  3. I love LCO because they have the cool visuals on the homepage.

    "I'm surprised you get any work done... You seem to enjoy surfing the Internet." ;D

  4. Guns&Grapple!
    Also TRF is a good laugh as there are one or two posters there that didn't get banned for merely being curmudgeonly.

  5. Well all of Stella's duh. Haha. I also like tomb raider girl, I like the lara in pieces one I just found out about, there's a tomb raider chronicles(.net?) I think, I like that one. Theere's a lot of them, too many. I like how there are so many dedicated tomb raider fans.

  6. I really like some of the Tomb Raider blogs on Tumblr when they're not recycling each other's posts. laras-tomb, fylaracrofttombraider, and of course Miss meagan-marie!

  7. stellas tomb raider site. ITS THE BEST.


  8. Other than this one, Katie's TR site and Hunters Tomb Raider Tales. Love the fan fiction!!!!!!