September 2, 2012

30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge Day 2: Favorite Artifact or Relic

Today's question is a two-parter: Which is your favorite artifact or relic in the Tomb Raider series? Also, what historical, mythological, or made-up object would you like to see Lara go after in a future adventure? Please comment below.

Thanks to Jason and Marie, who sent in variations on this question. If you'd like to suggest a challenge topic, you can do so here.

The Scion of Atlantis


  1. I liked how there were a bunch of different named relics in Anniversary and each had its little story—the Killer Whale Bottle, Athenian Owl, Chalice of Torment, etc. The only thing that would have made those better is if they gave Lara some sort of special ability. But I guess my all-time favorite artifact is the Scion. Great backstory, cool looking, and of course where there's a Scion, Natla won't be far behind. ;)

    I loved the design and implementation of Thor's armor and hammer in Underworld, but I hated the dumb artifacts and relics. What are they even supposed to be? Silver D&D dice and golden bocce balls? Meh. At least in Legend the artifacts looked like something you might find in that particular location.

    As for future adventures, I'd love to see Lara return to Egypt again, so how about a quest for the Book of Thoth? (The historical tome not the Aleister Crowley version.) Lots of potential adventure and peril there.

  2. My favorite relic would have to be the Mirror of Smoke from Guardian of Light. An eternal prison for the forces of darkness? Way cool.

    I also loved the artifacts in Anniversary, Stella. I really hope that they do the same thing with the new Tomb Raider game - artifacts having a little backstory.

    I stumbled across something when trying to find an artifact that would be cool for Lara to track down - The Mirror of Amaterasu. Some TR fans think the Japanese goddess of the sun, Amaterasu is associated with the new TR game, and there's a mythological artifact (a mirror) that was given to her. Coincidence?
    I'm going with this one for Part 2 of my answer.

  3. I would also have to say the Scion as well. It's always been my favourite, I loved its story and the idea of it. It looks awesome and in my opinion gave Lara her greatest adventure in finding all 3 pieces.

    I'm not too sure what I'd like her to go after in the future but I agree with the Book of Thoth. That does sound like it could make a great adventure.

  4. Boringly, I'd have to agree about the Scion. As for which relic Lara should go for I'd be interested in one related to the Christian religion. (Not the Holy Grail, though.)Maybe the Holy Prepuce?

  5. I really liked hunting down Excalibur in Legend, and liked the way the backstory of the artifact was connected with different cultures who all have similar stories about a powerful sword.

    The artifacts I'd like Lara to chase after would be definitely the treasue of the Nibelungs from the medieval German Nibelung saga. They could make some really cool castle and cave levels in central Europe, and have a fight with a dragon at the end.

    Something from ancient Mesopotamia would also be really, really great. We've already visited so many ancient cultures in the previous Tomb Raider games, but one of my favourites, Ancient Mesopotamia, was never among them yet. The Sumerian and Assyro-Babylonian cultures also have very interesting mythologies that can provide many challenging enemies and interesting places to explore.

  6. i definetely think finding the scion has to be the best. its just i get a good feeling of satisfaction when i find each piece of it on tr 1(the original). well its only coz when you get the piece something bad happens like in the tomb of qualopec level the roof caves in and that cool music comes on. the scary t-rex music.

    id actually like lara to find the scion of atlantis (if it existed in real life) and i would LOVE it if i could go with her. that would be amazing and i would have to go on every adventure from then on. i'd even like to create my own tr game make it have classic graphics and that cool stuff. LARA I <3 U.XXX

  7. Excalibur was awesome, especially as a weapon! *and it once was king Aurthur's ;) *

    The TR legend and Underworld relics were so plain unlike those in TR anniversary

    hopefully, the new TR game will have secrets and relics to discover,.....but i doubt that

  8. Thanks for using my idea Stella! :)
    My favourite relic or artefact would have to be The Scion as well. I think it looks really cool, I liked how we had to go and search for pieces of it and open up the cage to the final piece with the other 2 Scion fragments (Anniversary).

    I'm not really sure if you can call this an artefact but I also quite liked The Sanglyph. I liked how Von Croy was blackmailed into finding the Obscura paintings to make it. And then how Lara had to find them and they were stolen by Kurtis. I thought all of it tied it nicely. I also liked how it created and destroyed the Sleeper. Great artefacts! :)

  9. My favorite artifact from TR is Amulet of Horus from TR4. I was in "love" with that artifact the first time I saw in the game and I want it so bad in real life, well no the real artifact, but at least a copy of it. ;)

    Hmm, since I like Elder Scrolls Series, I would love to see Lara going after the Azura's Star. Azura's Star is a powerful Daedric Artifact, similar to a Soul Gem, but unique in that it is reusable. It can be used to enchant or recharge powerful items.

  10. This is a very tough and difficult question for answer, at least for me. I was never thinking about what artifact is my favourite, but I think it'd be the amulet of Horus in TR4. Since I'm a really big fan of egyptology and the culture of the Ancient Egyptians, I really like everything in TR4, except that you have to jump from one level to another. I've never finished it, but I really liked it when I played it 2 years ago. So, I'd say that would be my favourite artifact.

    Acording to what artifact should Lara explore in the future games, I agree with Stella, maybe some adventure in Egypt would be very awesome. I also agree that they should do some adventures related to the central Europe (Germany, England...) or something related to the Second World War. :)

  11. My favorites are the scion (classic) and the thor´s armor and hammer (the most powerful weapon of the world ^_^)
    I would like to see in future tomb raiders artifcs that have a lot of backstory :)

  12. Many fans of the Scion I see. Not sure if that was Toby Gard's idea or someone else on the original TR team, but it's a great item that hasn't lost its mystery over the years.

    Cool ideas for future adventures. Let's hope this new game is successful so we can possibly see a few of these dreams come true. ;)

    P.S. Eldin, you should strike a deal with Aleena from the Facebook page. Maybe she'll make you an Amulet of Horus.

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  14. I like Thor's Hammer in TR Underworld.Because, this one is better than Excalibur in Tr Legend
    in term of use and play.Excalibur can be used only in last level in TR Legend against only monster, on the other hand I can play and enjoy with Thor's Hammer to kill a lots of giant monsters in level Arctic Sea.And I can make enemies fly and throw them into water with Thor's Hammer in level Andaman Sea on the ship.
    It is more fun to use Thor's Hammer than Excalibur.

    P.S Commented by my 12 years old little sister Ettey who is a die-hard fan of TR and Stella.
    Already finished TR series and TRLE Levels.
    Who is not yet ready to be TR fan officially but she always tracks TR development.Everyone wish for this next gen Lara :)

  15. Dagger of Xian! Because TR2 is my favorite. :)

  16. For me, it has to be Excalibur in TR Legend, although Thor's Hammer comes a close second - I prefer the style of weapon) and that it can't be used early in the game - that would make some bits too easy and leave not much for the end.

    As to artefacts in the future, I think I'd like to see something a bit more subtle, like a cloak or helmet of invisibility. There' no chance of that in the upcoming version, which focuses on reality, not old Greek legends like Hades Helmet, or the Norse equivalent, the Tarnhelm.

    Still, I can dream ...

  17. I actually love all of the TRIII relics the best I think. Of course I'll always be a fan of the Scion and the Dagger of Xian, but I loved finding the relics in TRIII and using them eventually to kill Willard at the end. :)

  18. I like the spell book in TR: Chronicles, the one in the Old Mill level. I also like the triangle of light!

  19. I thought I posted to this one already but apparently not. The Dagger of Xian had a really cool story and it turned people into dragons! Not so creepy like Dr. Willard haha. And TR 2 was just an amazing game.

  20. Most of the artifact in TR4, I love stuff about egypt history. If I have to pick onr, let's say... the amulet of Horus.

  21. Tricky one, i'm torn between the Scion, Amulet of Horus and Excalibur...i'll go for Scion because it's the classic one and I just love the first civilization idea :)

  22. Both Excalibur and the Scion.

    For future relic hunting ... the Anti-Life Equation from DC comics, even though I know it'll never happen.

  23. I liked all the collectibles in Survivor, they told a story and I loved that. Excalibur and Thors Hammer were fun, and I liked the rewards in Legend. Anniversary relics were super fun too.