September 24, 2012

30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge Day 24: The Next Film

We don't know too much about the next Tomb Raider film yet except that, like the upcoming game, it will be an "origin" story featuring an inexperienced Lara Croft.

Today's challenge, suggested by Lorna, is basically how do you envision the third TR movie? Who would you want to play Lara? Which characters (if any) from the series or past films would you include? Or, more generally, if you could suggest one thing to producer Graham King regarding the new film, what would it be?

Tomb Raider Reboot Teaser. ©2011 ryansd. All rights reserved.


  1. I would like to see more movies. But I worry about the actress. I really felt Angelina was perfect for the part and that there were no alternatives. It becomes a little bit like trying to replace Sean Connery, it can't be done.

    (there is actually a Swedish Angie "look-alike", only she's 10-15 years younger. But she is a model/graphical artist/blogger, not an actress. If any of you understand the language, check out her blog. )

  2. From what I've seen of the upcoming game; a film to match would say to me; that's not Lara! That must be Lara's younger sibling? I know I did some good stuff in the sixty's but my arthritis tells me we only ever get older!

  3. I would say stay true to the original TR concept, and cut out any of the crappy Hollywood 'romance' that so cheapened Jolie's Lara. I think this is more important than who plyas the role - after all, Lara is so iconic that she has monstrous shoes to fill! I didn't like Jolie because she was simply too famous: she was less like Lara and more like....well, like Angelina Jolie!

  4. I just hope that the ocean background doesn't mean "this is the same story as the new game, we're truly just promoting the game."

    Also, they better not make this Lara a kissin' crazy and hot babe lady go for guys(tsh, I wasn't sure how to put it). I just want the old Lara back, the kick butt, witty, cool, cat acrobat(haha).

  5. The next film will be the same as the game and the upcoming comic by Frank Abney, will feature the young non-aristocratic Americanised Lara and will probably be a bit of an emo-ridden humourless bore unless they introduce an interesting baddy. I'd quite like to see an almost dialogue free version of Tomb Raider 1 starring Emily Blunt as Lara and a blonde Eva Green as Natla.

  6. I didn't like either of the Tomb Raider films (2001/2003) and I can't see the next one doing it for me either.

    TR is a particpant game, not a spectator sport.

  7. Ha, each person has different opinion! Well, I'll make it more complicated by adding mine ;-p

    I'm a fan of the classic series, so I'd love to see artefacts, ruins, forests, & extinct beasts in the new movie. I enjoyed the first movie to an extent, just because it included Angkor Wat. I dislike the feminine side of Lara in the previous two movies. Tomboy Lara rocks!

    Also, I think Angelina Jolie portrayed Lara pretty good, yet I'm willing to allow someone else took her role. Olivia Wilde might have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, but I think Megan Fox should fit Lara better (O yeah, I can smell disagreements!)

    The character I'd like to see, like most of the fans, is Natla.

    Having said that, I'll just wait for the new movie. I don't want to expect too much, because I enjoy the game version of Tomb Raider :-)

  8. Definitely Camilla Luddington as the new actress. It makes perfect sense! The movie is telling a story similar to the game - young Lara is shipwrecked on an island, scavengers, Dragon's Triangle, etc. So why not cast an actress that already knows the part and that most fans love? It'd be dum, IMO, to have two actresses for the same story.

    On the other hand, I would also love to see a CGI movie like some of you guys. I think live-action is great, but I think I'd rather see Lara as herself than attach a celebrity to the part.

    In an interview, Graham King made the comment that the first script wrote for the new TR movie involved Lara trying to find her parents. So my one comment for him is this: Don't make another mommy-daddy story! Stick to the story of the new game!

  9. Camilla Luddington won't be cast methinks. That woman from Hunger Games maybe.

  10. If the filmmakers base an origin story on the upcoming game, viewers who don't play Tomb Raider may see it as a rip-off of Arrow, the new tv series on CW, which of course is based on DC comics' Green Arrow.

    I don't think the new film will fly since there are very few actresses that can fill such an iconic role. At least it's not equivalent to casting Wonder Woman.

  11. I don't really see a new film being too successful. The whole Tomb Raider thing has reached a point where there are too many plots/stories involved. I'd like for it to be Lara in search of some crazy artifact with lots of action and creepy locations. But I honestly can't think of a single actress that could properly portray Lara. Maybe they'll surprise us and introduce a young, new actress.

  12. i would nt watch it even if it did come out tbh

  13. Megan fox, perhaps. But a little to "princessy", maybe.. She doesn't really have that "we'll do it my way, or I'll kick your ass" quality, that Angelina does.


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