September 30, 2011

Tomb Raider 30-Day Challenge Day 30: How has the series affected your life?

UPDATE: This month-long challenge has officially finished, but you're still welcome to post your comments below at any time. We'd love to hear what you think.

Why do you love Tomb Raider and Lara Croft? Has the character and/or the series made an impact on your life outside of the time you spend playing and if so, how?

Now that we've come to the end of the month, I'd once again like to express my gratitude to Jeremy for sharing his 30-Day Tomb Raider Challenge with the world. Thanks also to everyone who participated!


  1. These games have definitely changed my life far beyond the fun I've had playing them. True, I've logged many hours of screen time with Lara, and 90% of those hours have been enjoyable. (Great Pyramid, you know what you are.) But the most important thing for me is the community that's grown up around the games. From the forums to the Facebook pages to the blogs, web sites, Twitter groups and more, Tomb Raider has some of the most dedicated, creative and, truth be told, friendliest fans I've had the pleasure to know.

    I'm lucky to have created a fan site that's endured as long as it has, and I think one of the reasons for this is that I try to connect with the players, get to know them a little, ease their frustration and share their passion. You guys are great, and I thank you for making my life more interesting. :)

  2. Oh, great question!
    Tomb Raider is just pure joy. The hours playing the games, searching the forums, the fan sites, it just brings a lot of fun to my life. Besides the fun, it also brought some knowledge to me: not only the information in the games, but also the one I search after being inspired by the games (thank you Last Revelation). I also have a hobby that I can commit to, thus developing by ability to stick to something, not giving up.
    And of course, the joy of announcing a new game or coming home from the store after buying it: those are the moments that I really like, and the ones in which I think Tomb Raider really made me a happier person.


  3. I love Lara's attitude. She's been like a second mother to me because of the bravery and intelligence she portrays. Because of her, I have more confidence in myself as a woman and person in general.
    May sound silly because she doesn't actually exist, but that's honestly how Tomb Raider has changed my life.
    Other than that, I love the games. The puzzles can be challenging but I can always rely on Tomb Raider to help me relive a stress-filled day :D

  4. Why do I love Tomb Raider? If only it was that straightforward. There are things I love - the character of Lara Croft from TR1, enigmatic, snarky and cool - and the fun of playing the games over the years. There are many irritants, not least one or two of the more ancient bullies who "own" the fanship - maybe one day things will change or a new popular forum will arise. I reckon that if I hadn't gotten interested first in Lara and then in Natla as characters for original fiction, I'd have left the TR scene long ago. It makes me sad that I've put quite a lot into the Laraverse and yet I'm treated in some quarters as nothing more than a troll. Has TR changed my life? Not really. :) Lara and my "real life" have never really interacted on any level.

  5. I LOVE Tomb Raider and Lara because they are fun for one and Lara is full of surprises IMO
    This series did impact me life in a way. Mainly because Lara is so confident and hard core I find that I now have that attitude toward things I believe in and important task making me very disciplined at what I do.

  6. This may sound silly, but it's made me braver. After all those villians and scary situations, real life is a little less scary.
    Luv Lara Croft, she is one of my heros.

  7. its a very interesting game. in its time it was something u wouldnt expect in a video game. great scenery, music gameplay, and more importantly, she's female. i have a thing for girl power. lol

  8. For me, until recently, it's been all about the games. I suppose I've always known about the fan sites and the forums; I just haven't involved myself with them. But as I've answered the questions in this 30-day challenge (Thanks, Stella!) and more importantly, read what other people have answered, I've been shown a much larger Tomb Raider world out there. Some of it I like, and some not so much, but I probably would never have gone looking if Stella hadn't asked the questions and you guys hadn't posted so many cool links in your answers. So thanks, everybody! See you 'round the campfire... :)

  9. I've been made fun of, but it's friendly fun. I have spent much time on these games, and I wouldn't be good at video games without it! I love it, and without it I wouldn't have many things to do. Without you, Lara, I would be bored as hello! ;) Thanks stella. These questions have been really friend. Can't wait for it next time.

  10. I have so many answers for this question, but I'm not feeling articulate enough to write them all down.

    In short, Tomb Raider has affected my life a great deal. It's the series that got me into gaming, and eventually, into my degree subject (3D Design). It's led me into a fantastic community of fellow fans, on several occasions. It's inspired me to write. It's inspired me to draw. Like Lara Valentino, I see Lara Croft (the original Lara Croft) as a role model for confidence, intelligence and perseverance.

    Thank you for running this challenge, Stella. It's been great fun!

  11. Throughout the series, the fascinating lead character, premise, and game execution all fire the imagination and test my skills in a number of ways, and continue to bring me a fun experience over and over. In the real world, it has sparked a lot of conversation about gender politics, the nature of avatars, international relations, and community on the internet (it also inspired a well-recieved drag halloween costume effort way back in 1997!)

    I think the bottom line is that with Tomb Raider I have an activity in my life that is enjoyable, that I can return to like a favorite old book or film, and connect with others about (whether cursorily with my general circle, or more in-depth with my outer loop of internet/gaming friends). Really a positive thing in my life.

  12. My wife's sister's grand daughter has a mild form of asperger's syndrome. Her step dad treated her as less than human. So my sister-in-law took the girl to raise. I felt sorry for her and tried to become the male role model in her life. One day I brought my Play Station one and some games over to show her. She like it and Lara Croft was her favorite, probably because they're both female. When I upgraded I gave her my ps1 and the tomb raider series. I also gave her a ps2 for her birthday a couple of years later. Now she has a ps3 and ps2 plus every Tomb Raider game in the world. It has been a joy to watch her come out of her shell because of TR.

    She has also overcome fear due to TR. In TR2 the opening scene puts you face to face with two tigers. That scared her and she refused to play the game. I tried to show her that there was nothing to fear so I slid down the hill and said "Here kitty, kitty." She broke out laughing and took the control from me and looked around for the two cats repeating what I had said. She now plays circles around me and this makes me happy. Yes, the series has made a difference in her and in my life.

  13. The Tomb Raider games are games that allow me to leave reality for a few hours and dwelve into another realm where I am in control and I have to THINK, not just react, to make it trough.

    Yes, there are other games around that are good, but you must always be good with your eye to hand coordination.

    In TR the puzzle solving adds to the game like no other.

    And well, Lara is so pretty, and sexy, and that accent!!

  14. I just want to say "I love Tomb Raider."

  15. Since the beginning of the first Tomb Raider, the gold version (PC) I was hooked up. I loved the simplicity of the game and as the various games got updated I found it more and more fun to play with. From Legend and Anniversary I found the game incredible and almost real for the graphics. Stella's website is very good and interesting. And I'd like to say thank you at Core Design and also to Crystal Dynamics. I want also to say also a special thank you to my beloved father, who has passed away 11 months ago of heart-attack. He was the one who found for me the Tomb Raider Gold.

  16. Wonderful comments, everybody! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts for this challenge.

    Daniele, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'm glad your fond memories of him include Tomb Raider, and I'm sure you must miss him terribly.

  17. If it wasn't for these games, I wouldn't be playing games period. Lara Croft is the only character of any kind that I've stuck with for bascially my whole life. I was 6 or 7 the first time I played the very first game (born in 91) and I'm still playing them and still determined to complete them all.


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