September 5, 2011

Tomb Raider 30-day Challenge Day 5: Favorite Enemy

UPDATE: This month-long challenge has officially finished, but you're still welcome to post your comments below at any time. We'd love to hear what you think.

Wikiraider lists almost 200 enemies and bosses in the Tomb Raider series [link]. Which is your favorite—and which do you find the most difficult or annoying—and why?

Lara surrounded by tigers in Tomb Raider: Underworld.
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  1. My all-time favorite TR enemy is the doppelgänger, in all her incarnations--the strange and slightly comical "bacon Lara" from TR1, the flesh creature in Anniversary, and of course the more fully evolved being in Underworld and Lara's Shadow. I'd love to see another expansion (for all systems, naturally) where you could play as her.

    I hate the "swarm" enemies like locusts and beetles in TR4. Just plain annoying.

  2. Ohhh this is a hard one Stella :( there are so many to choose from :( but i think it has to be the T-Rex's from TR1, 2 and Anniversary. They were cool XD haha in TR1 it was just a surprise and it was the first big boss of the whole game series! i mean, its ionic :D haha then in TR2 you got 2 at the same time....all for a secret :L haha and then in Anniversary, they added more strategy to the fight so it made it the same but different to TR1 :) so ye thats my fave i think :D <3

  3. Hey Stella ! I know for certain that my least favourite enemy is Boaz from AOD. It took me WAY too much time to defeat her. You have to shoot at those circular thingies at her sides and Curtis ALWAYS seems to aim directly at her. I didn't know how to switch target until just recently so she was kinda tough to beat.

    And for my favourite I'd say centaurs from Anniversary or maybe thralls from Underworld :D . Centaurs were fun to battle when I finally figured out what to do with them and thralls are just fun because they regenerate and you have to act quickly :).

  4. Boaz is my favourite enemy. Ah I can still remember that bugy area, where you need to fight her and Kurtis just don't want to shoot at place where he must to shoot...:D

  5. Well, my favourite enemies are the skeletons from TR4. Altough they were hard to kill since regular bullets didn't work with them, I would just love to see their bones in the air after I grenade them :D and also, in the Coastal Ruins levels, when you are climbing to the entrance of the catacombs, there's a small cutscene showing a skeleton chasing you, I always got scared xD

    The most annoying enemy is Boaz. Although I reached that level in AOD quickly, I was stuck in there for years (I haven't discovered your walkthroughs yet Stella :) ) because I didn't know how to change the tarket to destroy the other openings from Boaz. When my neighbour told me about it I was crazy and finally completed the game. Such sense of accomplishment :)

  6. I like the statues in the Floating Islands level from TR2.
    I used to think Boaz from AoD was the most irritating, but then I discovered quicktime and the T Rex and Centaurs in Anniversary and they were several times more irritating.

  7. My favourite is definitely Mutant Boaz, and her as a fly. It gave quite a challenge for me, even though I have been playing it since I was 6? It's still difficult. Kurtis is really slow :P
    The most annoying enemy... Hmm... Umm... I have like 5. Like Stella said with the multiple enemies, undead knights, bats, the Statue Head in TRC where you had to shoot the eyes, and the thrall enemies.

  8. For nailing the fine balance between awesome and terrifying, my favourite enemy would have the Shiva in Tomb Raider III. The worst enemy? Bats, or any other irritating little foes who serve only to get in your way when you're trying to make a death-defying leap over a canyon.

  9. My favorite enemies are, like Twin Pistols, the Shiva statues in TR3. I think it has to do with the fact that I felt genuine apprehension the first few times I had to face them, and genuine exultation when I actually defeated them.

    Most annoying for me is definitely Boaz. I still have never managed to get past her without a level skip cheat; Kurtis absolutely refuses to target her correctly on my PS2! She seems like she'd be easy enough to eventually beat, but the glitch just hasn't allowed me to do it! So it's really not the fault of the enemy itself, just a game flaw.

  10. My fav of the series is hands down the dragon at the end of tr2
    I also enjoy fighting the Tyrannosaurus rex made of molten rock from Guardian Of Life

  11. Bartoli's Fiama Nera dudes in TR2.
    They seem more personal and
    "in your face" then many other enemies.
    But I must also admit to guilty pleasure
    killing any endangered species... ;P

  12. Oh yeah..., my least favorite was
    (on frustration grounds) Centaurs!
    I hate Adrenaline Dodge! On creepiness,
    or most annoying, were the Mutants
    in Antartica and any/all spiders! Bah!
    But, I always did what needed to be done.

  13. The giant size spiders or the thralls in Underworld. Both because I got to kick or stomp on them..

  14. fav enemy would probably be the doppleganger from TR1. i never actually thought about a fav enemy, so i guess her. she does look like bacon, lol

  15. oh i forgot. the most annoying enemies are the flame thrower dudes from TR2, i cant STAND THEM!!! especially when u have no health.

  16. Favorite Enemy ... that sound kind of weird doesn't it??

    Anyway, I'd choose the Stone Statues in TR2. Those really scared me a lot.

    I didn't like to kill tigers, I like Tigers. I would leave them alone if I could.

    I liked the monks in Tibet too ... I used to kill every single one of them until I read your Walk-trough Stella. Thanks!

  17. My favorite enemy was the T-Rex!

    Oh, how I still remember the very feeling as blood rushed in my veins when the Dino-King first popped out of the hill side in Lost Valley level of TR1. Without warning, it just bit Lara & BANG... she was a dead meat. Strangely, I was so exhilarated to encounter it the first time!

    The most annoying would be the Twin Centaurs in Anniversary. One time, I almost punched my laptop's keyboard when one of them kicked the petrified Lara.

  18. Hmm, this is a hard question actually! There are so many fun and also scary enemies. But I will say my favourite enemy is from TR3, Temple Ruins, those "Shiva" statues, they are still frigging scary sometimes. They were definitely the most unforgettable enemies too. But I also love the yetis from TR2, they're so funny and adorable! :-) Haha.

    The enemies I don't like are piranhas, beetles, "lizard men" in TR3, rats in TR1... well I guess that's it. But I still like the challenge though :)

  19. "Bacon lara" nicely put. My favorite is the Demon Baby or Little Demon in the Gallows tree level and Old mill. Oddly I just think it's cute! It's my dream pet! JUST KIDDING!

  20. The T-Rex! Up until that point, there's nothing really "supernatural" in the game, so when it arrives, it's mind-blowing!

    And I really like all the enemies in the Ireland levels in TR5. Especially the underwater witch and the demon babies.


  21. I like the laser head in Trajans market! He's the easiest hard boss.

    I also really love the character of the Demon Horseman, he's great.

  22. Tough to pick a favorite, it might be TR2 Boss, the Xian Dragon. Fighting him was fun.
    The other dragon from TR4 in Egypt gets it for method of kill, with the sergeant sacrificing himself in the truck.
    Cool factor goes to the stone robots in the floating islands.

    Although after reading all the posts about Lara's TR1 "Bacon" Doppleganger, she's definitely rising in my list!

    Least fave = swarm beetles.

  23. Jorge Silva said it best...
    "Well, my favourite enemies are the skeletons from TR4. Altough they were hard to kill since regular bullets didn't work with them, I would just love to see their bones in the air after I grenade them :D and also, in the Coastal Ruins levels, when you are climbing to the entrance of the catacombs, there's a small cutscene showing a skeleton chasing you, I always got scared xD"

    I also love the Shiva... SCARED ME TO DEATH!! Ahhhhh.... lol

  24. My favorite baddie has to be one of the giant Thralls Lara encounters in Underworld. Now granted, they weren't that hard to kill (which is sometime I hope is improved upon in the new TR game), but I just loved the picture of little Lara fighting this eight/nine-foot beast. Epic.

  25. The most annoying were the mutants that screamed like banshees in Atlantis. They always scared the crap out of me in that "jump out at you" way, kinda like Resident Evil. They were fast too.

  26. I can't believe no one mentioned the wasps from TR3 as their least favorite, those things were terrible.

    But for the most part I like all animal enemies. They're usually pretty easy, but I like that there's so many different ones. (Bugs don't count as animals). :)

    And the floating creepy statues from TR2!

  27. Favourite enemy is the more evolved Doppelganger :) Least favourite has to be Boaz for annoyance and the Bulls from TR4 which are immortal (may as well throw in the Minotaur while i'm at it...although you can kill that with the bike :p)

  28. Well, I've only played Crystals games, so just be warned.

    The Doppelganger was a challenge, but they weren't super combat heavy, which was nice. Amanda's monster that she summoned in Kazakhstan (Legend) was okay because just shooting and doing some fancy maneuvers didn't help, just like the final fight and James Rutland in the same game. In Underworld the thralls take the top prize. And in Survivor, the final fight with the Oni warrior was exhausting and annoying.