December 2, 2010

Guardian of Light DLC Free on Steam
Character Packs Coming Soon

At last PC parity has arrived and all is right with the world. Today Crystal Dynamics released a free downloadable level pack for the computer version of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Players who own the game just need to log onto their Steam accounts to download the new content, a set of four challenge levels entitled "Things That Go Boom."

For those who haven't been following the saga of the game's staggered release dates and patches, this update means players on all systems (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC) are now equal and up to speed—although I imagine someone, somewhere will still find something to complain about. That's why they call us whiners...I mean gamers.

Long story short, all three systems now have single-player mode, as well as both on- and offline co-op, and all have now been offered one challenge pack free for the first month it is available. For Xbox 360 players, it was Challenge Pack 1: "All the Trappings." For PC and PS3 it's Challenge Pack 2: "Things That Go Boom." Presumably both packs will be available on all systems eventually.

"Things That Go Boom" Screenshot

In other minutiae, the developers have also announced upcoming Guardian of Light character packs featuring IO/Eidos Interactive characters Kane and Lynch, as well as Raziel and Kain from Crystal Dynamics' Legacy of Kain series. Yesterday Crystal asked its Twitter and Facebook followers which pack they'd like to see released first. Videos showing unfinished versions of each pack recently surfaced on YouTube:

I, for one, find it more than a little disturbing to hear Lara's voice coming out of Kane or Raziel's mouth. Let's hope they fix that in the final version.


  1. Let's hope they change the clothing..drip dry slacks and purple spanex is sooo not me, darling!

  2. Tomb Raider is TOMB RAIDER.There is no need to introduce characters from other games unless you are running out of ideas and just want to rip us off with this rubbish.I like TR just the way it is.and have for years good games or bad.

  3. I don't imagine they are changing or really integrating them into the story, me thinks the characters are just for shits and giggle :). I appreciate the fun little character options even if it just as skins.

    Looks cool Stella thanks for the info and vids!

  4. When you think the DLCs can't be worse than they already are, you're wrong! Character packs?! How about concentrating on making more levels and BETTER levels... And to think they will charge us for this crap... Love the game, but the DLCs are awful!