November 28, 2010

"Lara's Story" Tomb Raider Group Play

Hi, all. My friend EldinSuper is hosting a group play similar to the ones we've done before. His ambitious plan is to gather a bunch of devoted fans and play through the Crystal Dynamics trilogy, beginning with Tomb Raider: Anniversary. By playing in chronological order, rather than in the order the games were released, we'll follow Lara's evolution from novice adventurer to seasoned raider, as she searches for clues to her mother's disappearance...together.

As in the previous offline group sessions, you can play at your own pace. Then just share your impressions with the group by posting on the forum Eldin has set up just for this. Ask questions, brag about your achievements, post screenshots, videos, bug reports, whatever you like. Then read and comment on other players' posts, and before you know it, we've built a little community.

We had a blast playing Tomb Raider 1 and 2, as well as Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, this way. I'm sure this will be just as much fun.

Anniversary play starts Wednesday, December 1. Legend and Underworld will follow. I hope you'll join us! Here's the link:

Tomb Raider: Anniversary screenshot courtesy of Katie's Tomb Raider Site.

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  1. shame im in england and im only 11 years old but i love lara croft and she rocks my worldin case stella is wondering who the hell i am. im smartypants70 from xbox live (guardian of light strong hold passage walkthrough)