November 13, 2010

A Survivor is Born: Shipwreck Image Hints at Tomb Raider 9 News on the Horizon

Could a big announcement about the next Tomb Raider game be on the way? It's still just rumor at this point, but the rumors are starting to cluster. The latest issue of Game Informer includes a teaser for an upcoming feature with the tagline "A Survivor is Born" and a promised reveal date of December 6. A new web site with the same mysterious tagline,, suggests there's more to come.

A Survivor is Born

In case you weren't following the rumors last summer, leaked artwork and info suggested that the next Tomb Raider could begin with a young Lara Croft shipwrecked on a mysterious and remote island off the shores of Japan. (See my post "Tomb Raider 9: Revamped Origin Story?" from July 2009.) Could the "Survivor" in question be Lara?

Developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix refused to comment last summer except to insist that the leaked information be removed, and they have yet to comment on this latest development. So we'll just have to wait and see what news comes out next month.

Thanks to for the original leaked info, EuroGamer for reporting this most recent development and Tomb Raider Chronicles for tweeting it to my attention.


  1. Just hoping upon hope (Dear Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, are you listening out there?) that this game isn't actually a reboot--there must be a compelling story to tell of Lara on one of her first runs out as an adventurer, without resorting to a new origin. Can we tie this into Nishimura's story? I'd love to see where that takes us. I love the Tomb Raider franchise for the story and character first, then for the gameplay. I'm sure there are fans out there just like me. I guess I just want to know that our favorite heroine is not going to change in spirit--that's what keeps me coming back to each game.

  2. Thanks for this! I would not mind a reboot at all, taking Lara back to earlier years and refreshing the story. I would not want to see Lara's basic character change, but I would like to share her early adventures and see how she became the heroine we know and love.

  3. First of all, Happy Birthday, Anniversary to Tomb Raider-14 Years of Existence!With this occasion, i'm replaying the entire series!
    2nd of all:
    "...the next Tomb Raider could begin with a young Lara Croft shipwrecked on a mysterious and remote island off the shores of Japan."

    Sounds like Tomb Raider:Chronicles, the Irland Part...Lara had a Japanese face in those cinematics, lol.Can't wait for Tomb Raider 9!:D

  4. Oh, I am so excited. I really hope this is TR9 ^^ I agree with vicor_george89, it seems Ireland, huum. And I don't think that's bad at all.
    I don't know why, but I always loved the concept of all levels in Chronicles. And the survival horror kinda mood in Ireland levels, man, that was creepy. And I really love it!

    For this new game... I would like to see lara take it to the limit, but always keeping it real. Use the environemnt more in Lara's favor, and NO MORE GADGETS. I don't think they are useful at all -.- Even the grappel, it seems so unrealistic. And we need to feel Lara more stuck, less Underworld, more like the classics. Not grid sistem. Just a little less fluid.
    Lots of deadly, heart-beating climbing, with intense action segments.
    And we totaly need a water level. A big one. But the environment needs to be more linked to Lara, or else we have Underworld sea, big but boring. Oh god, here I am, talking about what I want and, well, I am just really excited for December 6. I enjoy surprises.
    Well, carry on the good work Stella ;) And just pray for a hot game, very positively acclaimed and a comercial success, so that the franchise can last last last... (forever I wish :) )

  5. Anyone out there who is not on line to play tomb raider ?! I love tomb raider any ps3 format on the horizon ? anyone in the know. Thanks for any help

  6. (1st time commencer btw :D)

    apparently square enix has filed trademark to "a survivor is born"

    so this may be the next tomb raider EPIC! :D

  7. Here's one of the wallpapers with a little more contrast and detail added.