October 24, 2010

Community Event: Lara's Big Book o' Poetry

Hi, all. Today I'd like to make an announcement in support of a friend. Hunter's Tomb Raider Tales is proud to present its first Community Event: Lara's Big Book o' Poetry, a group project which aims to create the largest compilation of fan-created verse in the world.

Many of you contributed your wonderful work to my Haiku competition this summer. You're welcome to submit those same poems for the book, plus any other type of poetry as long as it has a Lara Croft/Tomb Raider theme.

The deadline for submissions is November 13, 2010. Complete rules and info can be found in the Community Events section at Hunter's Tomb Raider Tales.

Poets are welcome to email Hunter directly with their entries. Or post on these forums:
As we all know, TR fans are some of the most creative gamers out there. Let's see what you can do!

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