October 11, 2010

Inside Aldwych: Tube Station Reopens to Commemorate The Blitz

Jaden Morretti, webmaster of the wonderful Tomb Raider site Guns and Grapple, recently visited the disused Aldwych station, which was temporarily reopened to mark the 70th anniversary of the Blitz. Old-school raiders will recognize it from the London levels in Tomb Raider 3. Jaden has graciously allowed me to reprint part of her article here. Follow the link below to read the full article and browse her Aldwych photo album.

Aldwych Station has been closed since 1994. Now the station rarely opens, but when it does it is used for film sets and exhibitions.

Living in London does have a lot of benefits, as a Tomb Raider fan you would have a lot more. A lot of scenes from the first Tomb Raider film was shot here, as well as the HQ for Eidos/Square Enix Europe, and several Tomb Raider levels takes place in England. My first Tomb Raider game I played was Tomb Raider 3, and my favourite levels took place in London, so for me visiting Aldwych station was really exciting, especially since not a lot of people can go there any more.

The tour took place early 24th September. Since the station rarely opens, me and my sister attended one of the Blitz experiences which recreated what it was like during the Blitz in London, since the station was used as a place of refuge.

Inside the station it was very much like the levels. The walls were made of cream coloured titles with a band of green titles half way up the wall. The entrance led down a few steps to wooden telephone booths, similar to the ticket machine designs from TR3. The design for the station was quite different to the games, instead of a main area leading to two escalators there is a main area which lead down to stairs.As for the size of the location, the real station is twice as small as it appeared in the game but the platform is much longer. . . .

Article continues with photo album at Guns and Grapple

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Aldwych Station Sign
Aldwych Station Sign - Photo by Jaden. Used with Permission.


  1. You're right I went there on Saturday and did see the symalarites beetween the levels in TR3

  2. Oh, my head hurts:)
    Aldwych from TR3 is one of the hardest levels i've ever encountered in a Video Game.

  3. Hey after you were used to the level it wasen't so bad was it? Or was it when you got used to the London bit?