December 11, 2010

Tomb Raider Player Survey Results

Some of you may remember the Tomb Raider community survey/contest Katie Fleming did earlier this year. She presents the results in this video blog post. You can also find more info about the project on her Tomb Raider fan site, as well as her professional site, Notice how many of the top players' suggestions have been incorporated into the upcoming TOMB RAIDER game.

Katie just launched her video blog a few weeks ago, but she already has several posts with game reviews, history and more on her YouTube channel. Check it out!

1 comment:

  1. TR Legend is the 2nd in "Favourite Tomb Raider" and has the same position in "the least favourite tomb raider'' :O

    TR 2 is my favourite :D
    i finished this game 7 times xD
    i prefer core games. The 6 core games are 8.5 (average) to me :D
    Crystal games are 7.0 (average) to me.
    but i'm excited with TR9, only named "Tomb Raider"
    it's gonna be a great game, in honor to this icon named Lara croft :D