December 10, 2010

Next Tomb Raider Explores New Territory

Although the intriguing tagline "A Survivor is Born" is being used to promote it, the publishers stress that the ninth game in the series will be titled simply: TOMB RAIDER.*

The New Lara Croft, courtesy of Game Informer
Here's what we know so far, in the form of an expanded list of bullet points similar to others that have been making the rounds lately:
  • TOMB RAIDER is currently in development by Crystal Dynamics, the same studio that created Tomb Raider: Legend, Anniversary and Underworld, as well as Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and will be published by Square Enix.
  • The game begins with a 21-year-old Lara Croft shipwrecked on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan.
  • In retelling Lara's origin story, the developers have said they hope to make her a more complex, human and culturally relevant hero, in part by putting her in an extremely dangerous and challenging situation through which she will ultimately prevail.
  • This time around there will be no real-life model representing Lara for promotional events.
  • However, the game will employ extensive use of motion-capture technology.
  • The voice actor who'll play Lara has not yet been announced.
  • Tomb Raider staples like puzzles, combat, exploration and action will be more fully integrated into the basic survival storyline.
  • The auto-targeting feature used in previous games will be replaced by a free-aim system.
  • Weapons may include a bow, pistol and shotgun (shown in various game art), as well as tools and objects Lara discovers in the course of her explorations.
  • While not strictly "open world," the game is non-linear. Players can explore the island freely and can revisit locations as Lara's skills and equipment improve. However, there will be some scripted sequences that advance the story.
  • It will be necessary to gather food, water and other items for survival.
  • A system of "base camps" allow players to fast travel among various points on the island. Base camps also allow players to examine and combine inventory items and access a skill system to enhance Lara's abilities.
  • Changing weather conditions, Lara's improved gear and abilities, and the player's influence on the game world itself are intended to keep locations fresh when revisited.
  • At the heart of it all is a mystery reminiscent of the TV show LOST. What is this island all about? Who are its mysterious inhabitants? Why is it seemingly impossible to escape? Lara—and the player—must discover the truth.
  • TOMB RAIDER will be rated 'M' (Mature).
  • It will be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
  • A release date has not yet been announced.

The New Lara Croft, courtesy of Game Informer
A young Lara Croft shows her grit

For more TOMB RAIDER news and discussion:

*TOMB RAIDER will be the ninth major installment in the series, not including Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which was technically a remake of the original Tomb Raider.

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  1. my god!!
    this game is fantastic :D
    this really is a 'new' tr game

    everything seems naturally! (movements, puzzles, food and another real survivor items)
    i think this game will be the game of the year :D

  2. This is going to be an amazing game! I love the idea of being able to go back to previous places with enhanced abilities so that the area is fresh and new. The gathering of food and water is also a great addition. It adds to the whole idea of Lara surviving that's never been in the games before. And the damage... WOW! It's awesome how she gets the damage and retains it with rips in clothings and scratches on her body. All in all... AMAZING!! Can't wait!!

  3. The more I hear about this game, the more excited I get. I love how the developers are handling the evolution of Lara Croft, and how they are really, truly trying to make their own Tomb Raider universe, rather than rehashing the classic TR game formula.

    The only thing about TR9 that makes me a little nervous is the survival aspect of the gameplay. I'm hoping that the game stays in the Action Adventure genre, rather than migrating over to the Survival Horror/Suspense genre.

    Can't wait to hear more! Thanks Stella!

  4. I love her boots o.O

    I seriously can't wait... I hope they don't go and blow it by not releasing until... Idk, like, November next year or something. I'm one of those people that can't wait very long... Though I did see a site trying to sell it with a 'guaranteed release date' of September 9th. I forgot the link, if I remember I'll post it :)

  5. Wow, sounds pretty interesting actually! I like what I'm hearing so far. Also, it's going to be rated M? Hope that means we will be getting a far more intense game than before. (Though then again, I've seen a different game series go from being T rated games to M rated games, yet not see any reason for the different rating. Hopefully that won't be the case here.)

  6. I agree with you guys. I'm getting more excited the more I see, but like Alice, it's almost painful when they start releasing info a little at a time and then make us wait months for the game.

    As for the M rating, I'm hoping it won't be too, too gory/scary. I don't mind some violence but I've never liked traditional horror games or movies. I guess we'll see....

  7. wow
    finally i'll play the TOMB RAIDER of my DREAMS!!
    with the LARA of OUR dreams!!!
    hahaha :D

  8. Wow i guess you are really happy! By the way this just in Lara Croft is the number one video game HEROINE! Toby Gard must be proud.

  9. this should be the holy grail of action/adventure gaming

  10. I am really excited for this game to come out! I guess there is one good thing about the release date being next that time my boyfriend will be bored with Black Ops and I'll be able to play TR whenever I please =P

  11. I. Can't. WAIT!!!!!! The only concern I have is that it might be too dark. I hope that when they say "M-Rated" they don't mean horror-style. But it still sounds like the best one yet! =D