July 13, 2010

Make Your Own Tomb Raider Co-Op Game

Anyone up for a little Tomb Raider group play? We did this a while back on the Lara Croft Online forums and it was a blast. Basically we pick a game to play together over a period of a few weeks then post regularly about the experience—with or without screenshots, videos, etc. Since there's no actual co-op mode (yet!) it's more like parallel play, but it can still be a lot of fun, especially if it's a game some of us haven't played yet or haven't played in a while.

I'd like to redo one of the classics so I can update a walkthroughs while I'm at it. My preference would be anything from TR2 through Chronicles, but I'm flexible. I've already posted about this on my Facebook page, and more than a dozen people have responded so far. The top picks have been TR2 and 3, but it's still not settled.

My basic plan is to try and divide the game into four parts so we can do one each week and be done by the time Guardian of Light launches on 8/13. Other than that, it's go at your own pace and post when you can or when something interesting arises...and it usually does.

If you'd like to play, either pop in at the Facebook page and add your 2 cents, send me an email or just comment below. Once we get the details settled, we'll start a forum thread at Lara Croft Online and take it from there.


  1. Oooh Tomb Raider 3 for me!

    Only issue would be that we would have to go through the middle 3 levels in roughly the same order (I'd suggest maybe the order on your walkthrough site for the s-e-c-r-e-t reason stated there).

    I only say that one because I got it free with The Last Revelation :D

  2. Yeah, i'm gonna go with TR3 as well. But i don't have a FB. i wanna participate, yet i'm so tragically unhip. =o(


  3. I vote for TR 3 because I haven't played it in awhile. I'll have to dust off the PS2!

  4. I was dragged onto Facebook kicking and screaming. No, actually that's not entirely true. I gave in after certain people (who shall remain nameless) wouldn't stop nagging me about it for several years. My husband, who doesn't even own a cell phone, mocks me daily. ;)

    I told the FB crew that we'd be posting our group play notes on the Lara Croft Online forum (laracroftonline.net) and not on Facebook for just this reason. I want everyone to be able to participate if they want to.

    People will still need to join the LCO forum if they're not already members, but it's totally anonymous, unlike Facebook.

    You may notice I don't have a Facebok page for myself, just the site. I love all y'alls but I do not want to put my personal info out there on the net, and you shouldn't have to either. So let's all dust off our trusty screen names and play some Tomb Raider. ;D

    P.S. It's still up in the air between TR 2 & 3, but I'll let you all know what and where a.s.a.p.

  5. I say we go back 2 the first tomb raider that would be fun :D

  6. Oh sounds like a lot of fun!! Never tried anything like that before but I'm totally excited about this idea! I actually have Facebook profile but, like you, Stellalune, I like to stay anonymous...

    So if it's okay, I'd like to participate! I got the fabolous TR-collection (ALL Core Design's TRs) some time ago. I'm still playing TR1 however (been bit busy lately) but I'm almost done! For that reason I'd prefer TR2, but TR3 is okay by me, actually any TR... ;)

    P.S. I already registered to LCO with name Dogg... ^^ just telling so you recognize me ;D

  7. Hi, all. In case you're following the comments on this thread, I just wanted to pop in and announce that the official unofficial TR2 Group Play thread has been started here:


    Sorry to everyone who wanted to do different games, but don't worry. If this goes well, we'll get to all of them eventually. :D

  8. Just finished up TR2 (my summer play choice) yesterday. Nice cap off to the summer, and some fun afternoons of playing an old favorite. Of course I visited your site to get me out of a pinch or two, but I did much better this time than the previous two outings (which were also separated by years, just like this one)


  9. If you're ever doing TR1 let me know! I have mastered that game and now know several shortcuts and bugs... If you're ever doing one of these on Eidos forums I'll join, but I havn't completed any 2-5, so can't join in the fun, but I'm using your walkthroughs to tackle 4 right now! Happy Raiding!

    -Brit ♪♪♪