July 9, 2010

Ask the Developers: Guardian of Light Q&A Podcast

I know you guys are all totally clued in about this summer's upcoming arcade game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. But if you still have unanswered questions about the game's conception, development or other behind-the-scenes action, now's your chance to ask.

Keir Edmonds, the Group Community Manager at Square Enix is soliciting players' questions for an upcoming series of podcasts, in which he'll be interviewing LCGOL Creative Director Daniel Neuburger and Producer Forest Swartout Large. According to Keir, the focus will be on "how the project came about, the inspiration behind it, the challenges, the key roles in the team, the high points, the low points in the project, what the delivered food is like, etc."

If you'd like to contribute a question, please post it on the LCGOL forum either in text form or as a link to an audio file in which you ask the question in your own voice.

Guardian of Light concept art
(click for larger image)
Keir will also be interviewing Senior Artist Kam Yu, the man responsible for Lara's new and improved thighs. (He also worked on previous Tomb Raiders.) If you'd like to ask about the character design for Guardian of Light or just general questions about working as an artist in the game industry, please post in this separate thread on the LCGOL Forum. Kam's Q&A will be in text form only.

I encourage you all to participate. My readers are some of the smartest, most curious and involved gamers out there. Let your voices be heard. :)

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