July 16, 2010

Guardian of Light Update: New Gameplay Trailer and 4-Week Xbox Live Exclusive

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will have a month-long exclusive on Xbox Live Marketplace as part of the Summer of Arcade promotion before being released for PC and PlayStation 3. On the up side, they've also released a new video trailer featuring the game's weapons upgrade system.

Karl Stewart

Forest Large

In an interview published today by Eurogamer, Brand Manager Karl Stewart and Producer Forest Large discussed many other aspects of the game as well, including the evolution of Lara Croft into a multi-dimensional character and not just a sex symbol. Visit Eurogamer.net for the full interview and exclusive video trailer.

Large also made a guest appearance on the Game Informer podcast. She spoke in detail about Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light with GI's Matt Helgeson and Meagan VanBurkleo about such topics as how the whole arcade game concept evolved, why Totec is just a one-off, and how the development team strove to balance the four "pillars" of Tomb Raider: puzzles, exploration, combat and platforming. Check it out at GameInformer.com.

Game-dev jargon phrase of the day: "bite-sized gameplay"! ;D


  1. Wow. This is really cool. And I get to get it the day of (thank goodness I purchased a 360 two months ago. I also love the new trailer. From the looks of it, Lara has stats and such. Do you think we'll get to upgrade them...somewhat like having an experience system? Thanks Stella!

  2. american vanity and xbox realy are hand to hand on this... I think I will have to pray so that TR9 does not become an xbox exclusive... ridiculus realy!

    TR was always a PC/Playstation game, those guys should at least show some respect for PS3 users.

  3. Here here!

    I refuse to buy yet another console. I am, disgusted. I'd rather not play it than be yet again duped into this repeated console sales ploy, I'd rather stack up my PS, PS2 and PS3 and pour petrol on them...

    I've been around since TR1, but I think it's time to walk away (using the walk button - ah, memories!)...

  4. Anonymous and Anonymous, I agree it's sad that loyal PC and PlayStation users, who've followed the series from the start, now have to wait to get their hands on the game. But it's a tiny little game and it's only four weeks. Try not to be too bummed. At least it's not TR9 and at least it's coming eventually. I hope you don't burn your PS3s before it gets here. :)