November 1, 2015

Extra Life 2015 Charity Marathon and Prize Raffle

Next weekend, November 7-8, I will once again be participating in Extra Life, a gaming marathon to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Video courtesy of Extra Life.

I will be playing for Boston Children's Hospital, which provides specialized care for children from across North America and more than 100 other countries. If you'd rather support a local hospital, I encourage you to check out this list of Team Tomb Raider Community members. There are 19 of us playing for a bunch of different hospitals, each of which serves children with special needs and/or financial hardships.

Donating online is safe and easy. Just visit my Extra Life page to get started. If you'd like to donate offline with a check or money order made out to "Children's Miracle Network Hospitals," that's fine too. Contact me and we'll work out the details. Your contribution is tax deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help hospitalized kids.

In case you need a little incentive to help out, the team is hosting a Tomb Raider livestream and PRIZE RAFFLE throughout the marathon weekend and beyond. I hope you'll join us on You can also follow me on Twitter for regular updates on the the games we're streaming, guest players, and our fundraising progress. For a chance to win some awesome Tomb Raider swag, including a Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One Console Bundle and more than 30 other prizes, just click the banner below.

Questions? Contact me by emailFacebook, or Twitter.

Very special thanks to Crystal Dynamics,, The Venus Falcors, José Cruz, Theodor O., Marie D. ...and YOU for your generous support!

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