November 11, 2015

Tomb Raider Community Extra Life Update: $3,000 and Counting!

Congratulations to Team Tomb Raider Community on raising more than $3,000 to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! Thanks to 159 generous donors who contributed an average of $19.67 each, we're able to declare this weekend's videogame marathon a huge succes.

UPDATE: As of December 16, the total stands at $4,237!

Tomb Raider Community Extra Life Team
Extra Life Team Tomb Raider Community banner by AJ Rich.

Donations are still coming in, and the Tomb Raider team will continue to do our part, but we're very proud of our small contribution to this massive effort. So far the 40,000+ gamers playing for Extra Life 2015 worldwide have raised nearly $7 million to help sick kids—truly a testament to the power of gamers united for good!

If you have not yet made a donation, there's still time. Extra Life accepts contributions through the end of the year. Just head over to our team page and follow the instructions to contribute with a credit/debit card or PayPal. To donate offline with a check or money order, contact me or any other team member. Donations of any amount are welcome. You can donate anonymously if you like, and 100% of your tax-deductible contribution goes directly to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

If you need a little incentive, check out 5 Reasons Why You Should Make a Donation to Extra Life by Kelly from The Arachaeology of Tomb Raider. Kelly has so far raised more than $500 for Extra Life. She is also running a prize raffle for her donors, which ends November 15.

The team's Extra Life Raffle runs through November 21. There are more than 30 prizes up for grabs, including the following:

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider 1TB Xbox One Bundle signed by the development team
  • PAX Exclusive ROTTR Xbox One Controller
  • Limited-edition ROTTR posters
  • Original classic Lara Croft Watercolor by José Cruz
  • Classic and reboot TR comic bundles
  • Classic TR Collectible Card Game sets
  • TR 2013 and Temple of Osiris collector's sets
  • Game download codes from

Plus TONS of other swag from classic and new games. You don't have to donate to win, but donors receive bonus raffle entries. Click the banner below for details.

Although the official marathon is finished, many players will continue to livestream for Extra Life through the end of the year. Follow this link for a list of our channels and contact details.

Very special thanks to Crystal Dynamics,, The Venus Falcors, José Cruz, Theodor O., Marie D. ...and YOU for your generous support!

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