November 4, 2015

Rise of the Tomb Raider Launch Trailer Features 'I Shall Rise' by Karen O

Rise of the Tomb Raider's  Xbox launch is now less than a week away and Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics have released the official launch trailer.

Karen O
Karen O. Photo by Getty Images.
The featured song was written and sung especially for the game by Karen O, frontwoman for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Although she's not a gamer, the singer told Rolling Stone she had no trouble relating to the themes in Rise: "transformation and survival and realizing one's own destiny and pushing past one's own limits.... They wanted drama and high-stakes and melodrama. That was very appealing to me because I love making music connected to a storyline. It was all stuff I loved, like having the theme song to [Lara Croft] becoming an icon and the creation myth [surrounding] the moment she becomes Lara."

The full version of "I Shall Rise" is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Note that the trailer does include a few minor spoilers—locations, NPCs, and such. If you've been following the official publicity campaign, there are only a few small things you haven't seen before.

Rise of the Tomb Raider premieres on Xbox One and Xbox 360 November 10 in the Americas and Asia; November 13 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The PC version will follow early next year, and the PlayStation 4 version in late 2016.


  1. Well Done! Team TR in this past weekend's Extra Life marathon. It was a pleasure to chat with you on Twitch and to see the different personalities.
    I think now I understand a little more the fervor and love many of the TR fans have for this franchise; and also the huge disappointment the exclusive release is having on many of you.
    I sure hope Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft know what they are doing, because it has the potential for alienating many of the fan base.
    I will say this though, having been an exclusive PC gamer myself until last year, if something is worth playing then you will play it because in the end it is the fun and enjoyment of the play that is the most important thing.
    "With patience and persistence ~Lara Croft"

    1. Thanks so much, John! It was great having you there for the livestream. Your wit and encouragement were much appreciated--and of course the donations didn't hurt either. ;) I hope you'll join us again next year--or better yet, keep in touch until then. Most of us Extra Lifers also talk on Twitter and do the occasional Let's Play or off-season livestream together. Hope to see you around.

      As for Rise, I'm mostly a PC gamer too, but I follow Tomb Raider wherever it may go. If Rise had been a PS4 exclusive, I would have bought a PS4. Unfortunately a lot of fans don't have that luxury, and I feel for them. Although I am excited for the game, knowing that many of my friends will not have it for a long time does take the shine off a bit. I know what's done is done, but I really hope we won't have to go through this again next time.

      Anyway, thanks again for everything!