June 12, 2018

Video: Shadow of the Tomb Raider's First Tomb

Here's another video from yesterday's E3 coverage, in which Senior Game Director Daniel Chayer-Bisson and Senior Brand Director Rich Briggs show off the game to IGN's Alanah Pierce. This segment takes Lara farther into the tomb that was teased in the second video I posted yesterday. It shows the complete puzzle solution, and the developers talk about Lara's character development and key events that happen early in the game, so you may want to skip this one if you're trying to avoid spoilers.

Tune in today at 1 PM PDT for Square Enix Presents: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Developer Q&A with Briggs and Chayer-Bisson, broadcast live on Square Enix's Facebook, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

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