June 11, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Combat and Traversal Highlighted Today at E3

Just a quick update this evening. I had a long workday and wasn't able to watch any of the E3 coverage live, but a few friends were kind enough to send me these video links. The first, shown during the Square Enix Showcase, features an action-packed cutscene from early in the game followed by a bit of gameplay, mostly focused on the new stealth combat mechanics.

The video below, from NVIDIA, offers a first look at 4K PC gameplay, with an emphasis on scenery, traversal using the improved grapple, Lara entering one of the tombs, and a tiny taste of underwater action.

Tomorrow's schedule includes a Shadow of the Tomb Raider Developer Q&A at 1pm PDT. Check this post for the full Shadow of the Tomb Raider E3 lineup.

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