July 12, 2012

Rhianna Pratchett Announced As Tomb Raider's Lead Writer

Tomb Raider Head Writer
Rhianna Pratchett
This morning Crystal Dynamics officially announced the identity of Tomb Raider's lead writer. Rhianna Pratchett has actually been working on the game for months in secret and finally gets to show her face in time for San Diego Comic-Con.

Pratchett got her start in journalism but soon transitioned into writing for games. Her credits include Heavenly Sword, Overlord, and Mirror's Edge, as well as several other games, screenplays, and a six-part comic book adaptation of Mirror's Edge for DC Comics. Rhianna also grew up with one of the world's best storytellers. Her father is best-selling fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett.

"Rhianna has been working on [Tomb Raider] from its early inception," said head of studio Darrell Gallagher. "She has brought a unique perspective to the project and helped us explore the character origins of Lara Croft. There is no doubt that Rhianna has brought a depth and credibility to Lara, a heroine who will really connect with today's gamers."

"I grew up playing Tomb Raider, uncovering the world's secrets and unearthing its treasures," Pratchett said. (I can personally attest to this claim, having had the honor of corresponding with her dad back in the '90s about a few Tomb Raider-related matters.) "I have lived and died as Lara Croft, but nothing comes close to the challenge of re-writing her," Pratchett added. "Seldom do we get the opportunity to reimagine and reinvent a legend, so getting my narrative hands on Miss Croft was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. It was going back to the genesis of videogame action heroines and exploring how to make such an iconic character meaningful and relatable for gamers today."

Over the course of her career Pratchett has received numerous awards and nominations for her work, including a BAFTA nomination for Story and Character and a Writers' Guild of Great Britain award for Best Videogame Script. Read more about her at rhiannapratchett.com.

Pratchett will be participating on two panels during Comic-Con San Diego 2012. For details, visit comic-con.org and/or follow the Tomb Raider developers' social media accounts.


  1. I hope Morgan Webb, IGN, and all those over-reactive feminists that made a big to do over a 5 second scene, that does not represent a 12+ hour game, do shut up from now on.

    Entomed Raider

  2. Played Mirrors's Edge.. and loved it!

  3. so this is the lady that helped kill Lara Croft... Mirror's edge was fun, but i dont think i will play the new Tomb Raider game.

  4. Please ... she's doing more to save this franchise from oblivion than coming on here with your negative attitude. Go to any gaming site or forum and you'll find more younger gamers, and non-Lara fans finally taking an interest in Tomb Raider. There's a reason why she was considered stale, and that's because the character has barely evolved for over fifteen years.

    You Core Design fanatics need to go away.

    Entombed Raider

  5. I've played every Tomb Raider from the first one. After Quake and Doom, 3rd person was a revelation.

    I got Mirror's Edge and it was back to 1st person, but what a difference. After getting over poor autosave points and a linear progress, I warmed to the striking environment and took to speed running for fun. ME2 is on the cards.

    However, having seen the 18 minute gameplay from E3, I agree with one critic "If the developers do this just right, it could be a real blockbuster." (Venturebeat).

    I can't see Mirror's Edge 2 beating this one....

  6. Mirror's Edge was more than just fun and awesome fast paced gameplay. It had a great story to it (very Orwellian).. which of course was Rhianna's department. Still hoping for a sequel.. I think CD made a good choice with Rhianna, and looking forward to the new TR even more now

  7. To Anonymous or should i say "Entombed Raider":

    im not going anywhere, and you can't make me. i love the TR series, but the reboot seems a little too much.

    she's in so much pain and not strong headed as she always been. yeah the gameplay seems decent, and yeah it shows what she been through before we all know her the way she is, but i think it probably would've made more sense if she were younger, like in revelations. She was already raiding tombs with Von Croy and getting the hang of it all.

    show what she been through BEFORE she became an adult.

    its only negative because you think it is. i never said i didnt like Rhianna Prachett , and Core is the start of TR, and i've been around WHEN her game was first announced for Saturn and PSX, so say what you know before jumping to conclusions.

    im glad she's helping to keep Lara strong, but i think it would've made more sense if she were the age from revalations or so.

    younger gamers? i believe that would be you. you sound like a newschooler, probably only like it cuz she looks more attractive, isnt it?

    (STELLA, im truly sorry for the negativeness in your this blog, though i think those like Entombed Raider/Anonymous shouldn't jump in others opinions.

    again im sorry.)

  8. I have absolutely no problem with healthy debate, as long as people can state and defend their opinions cordially and not make personal attacks on others. Whether one likes or dislikes a game (nevermind that in this case it's a game that most of us haven't even played yet), each is entitled to his or her opinion.

    I think it's cowardly for people to post anonymously and tell others to "shut up" and "go away". (I'm not about to shut up or go away from my own blog...lol.) But I can also see how someone like Anonymous/Entombed Raider, who's clearly really excited about the upcoming game, might be miffed by .cup's "so this is the lady that helped kill Lara Croft" comment.

    So how about we all just say what we like and don't like about the direction the series seems to be taking and not worry too much about what others may think? Sometimes you've just got to agree to disagree. :)

    Personally, I both miss the good old Core Design days and am eagerly awaiting March 5. I don't think those two things are mutually exclusive. I love Lara's past adventures, but I'm always excited to see what she'll get up to next!

  9. @cup

    'younger gamers? i believe that would be you. you sound like a newschooler, probably only like it cuz she looks more attractive, isnt it?'

    I'm 39, and not a 'new schooler' and I like Tomb Raider for its sense of adventure. If we're talking about looks, Lara looked her best in Anniversary, a perfect combination of new and old design.

    Anyhow, I apologise, cup. for saying what I said, and I'm sorry, Stella. I shouldn't tell the die hard Core fans to 'go away'.

    I, too, like the old games but obviously, there are those that are resistant to change, and people like me who look forward to new possibilities and creative directions. I like what Crystal Dynamics have done, and SquareEnix because they are trying to keep this beloved franchise alive. Without them, there may not be anymore Tomb Raider games. I believe Lara should always stand beside Mario as the Queen of game icons.

    I'll be more civil, and not get wound up by others on your blog.

  10. Thanks, guys. I know it's easy to get excited when talking about a subject you feel really passionately about. I get it. And I appreciate your willingness to disagree considerately. After all new- and old-school raiders have more things in common than not. We love the games (some of them anyway) and we love our gal Lara, right? :D

  11. Everything changes - the proof of the pudding is in the fnal product. I'm quite looking forward to it

  12. I am an older (71) fan of Tomb Raider, I have a copy of every game brought out for the PC. I love this new game, it flows along really well and I find it just as hard to stop playing it, as the older games. It would be nice, I think if they could revamp some of the older games (As was done with Aniversary)which made replaying an older game on new equipment both easier and an improved experience for me. Thank you Stella too for the walkthroughs they are a big help.

    Mick Giles