July 21, 2012

Nerd HQ Comic-Con Tomb Raider Panel

In case you missed the Tomb Raider panel discussion last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, I've uploaded the best video I was able to find. It's split in to five roughly 10-minute segments. The quality is not fabulous, but imagine you're sitting in the back row behind a tall girl with a Bayonetta beehive talking on her cell phone. It's like you're really there. ;) Enjoy!


  1. Here is a link to the official nerd machine nerd hq tomb raider video


  2. You should check out Conan O'Brian playing Tomb Raider: http://www.imthinkingawesome.com/2013/02/clueless-gamer-conan-obrian-plays-tomb.html

  3. Thanks, Pykie. I've seen it. It's in my list of TOMB RAIDER reviews (http://blog.tombraiders.net/2013/02/tomb-raider-review-recap.html). A little cringy but funny too at times.