March 21, 2011

Tomb Raider PS3 Trilogy Contest Winners

I've spent the last two days reading and re-reading all the exciting, creative entries in this last competition. Choosing the winners has been a challenge to rival some of the traps, puzzles and boss fights you guys came up with. But, at last, I'm ready to announce the results.

I attempted to judge each entry based on creativity, originality and suitability for a Tomb Raider game. Naturally these are all fairly subjective criteria, so I hope those who didn't win will not be discouraged. I enjoyed reading all the entries and I appreciate everyone's efforts.

First Prize Winner · dark7angel
Puzzle/trap: Book of Thoth

As Lara searches for the Mythical Book of Thoth, her journey takes her to the fabled City of the Death, in Egypt. She must find Prince Neferkaptah's tomb where the book is said to have been buried.

Amongst the sand and ruins of The City, as the sun sets, she finds a small entrance hidden from the inexperienced eye. Lara crawls through the small entry, and as she goes deeper it gets harder to breathe. The tunnel has a slight slope and seems to go on forever. With the entrance far behind, soon Lara is involved in darkness. Suddenly, the tunnel ends abruptly and Lara falls into the dark. [read more]

dark7angel wins a copy of the PlayStation 3 Tomb Raider Trilogy collection.

Since Crystal Dynamics has so graciously provided 3 Tomb Raider T-shirt prizes, I decided to choose 3 runners up instead of the 2 originally planned. They are, listed in the order their entries were received:

Mman · Boss: Marduk's Dragon

Lara enters a lost Mesopotamian temple containing an entrance into the top of what is seemingly the Tower of Babel; watching over the entrance is a large, menacing statue of Marduk's Dragon. After much work elsewhere in the temple Lara finally finds a means to open the Tower itself.

The Tower seems to be some sort of huge elevator shaft, as the elevator begins its accelerating descent there's a quick sight of the statue turning to flesh before it goes out of view. Soon after, the Dragon jumps down the shaft, leaving Lara stuck inside with it. The creature seems near-immune to all Lara's weapons, but after a battle in the shaft-with Lara avoiding various assaults by its claws, tail and acid-breath-it is worn down and stunned enough that she can wrap its tail in the workings of the elevator with her grapple. after dislodging it's tail the creature seemingly drops dead after a roar of agony. The elevator slows down as it finally reaches it's destination... [read more]

Shaun · Puzzle: Stone Staircase

The player will come across a large room with a platform raised high above the floor, with symbolized stone objects in the center of the room. In order to reach the platform, the player must move each stone object onto it's counterpart pressure pad, which are located on the outside of the room. As you move each object onto it's corresponding pad, a set of stone staircases will start to erect towards the platform. If you place one of the objects onto the wrong pad, the puzzle will reset. [read more]

Hunter · Boss: Aztec Warrior

Lara is facing off, under her normal, yet strange circumstances, against a tribal warrior. He is a champion Aztec warrior, strong, athletic, and looking to defeat this challenging foe, and prove himself the leader of his people.

You are in a dug-out arena. The walls are steep and stony, not good enough for you to scale. The ceiling is actually open sky, but you see smoke from the locals' campfires in the distance, which blot the picturesque red-orange atmosphere, which sits behind a temple which looms above them. Large boulders are scattered about the ground, providing good cover from the enemies, or a good vantage point from above...Around the rim of the "arena", a hundred other warriors call out their battle cries, waiting to see what their champion will do. The sound of drums beats against Lara's ears, as sweat beads down her neck in anticipation. [read more]

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again to everyone who participated.
PS3 Tomb Raider Trilogy
Tomb Raider Trilogy
Lara Croft T-shirt
Tomb Raider: Underworld T-shirt
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  1. Well done to everyone, and congratulations to dark7angel! :)

    Thank you very much Stella! :)

  2. Awesome stuff guys! The real prize is seeing the epic TR bosses, puzzles, and traps that you guys came up with. I enjoyed reading all of them, and am still a firm believer that TR fans are the most creative out there (even though I don't know who else is out there...oh well).

    Good job everyone, and thanks always, Stella!