March 22, 2011

Official Tomb Raider Player Survey

In case you haven't already heard, the Tomb Raider developers have posted a community questionnaire on the official web site. The survey includes general questions, like how much you game, what systems you own, your gaming preferences and use of social networking, your participation in the fan community, as well as questions about the Tomb Raider series and the upcoming game.

To take the survey, visit and click on the community questionnaire link.

If the chance to voice your opinions isn't enough of an incentive to take part, Crystal Dynamics is giving away a copy of the January 2011 Tomb Raider issue, signed by the entire development team to one lucky participant.

If you have any questions about the survey or other Tomb Raider matters, check in at the Official TR Forums or contact Scott Fernandez, our community manager. His email address is included in the survey, and he's on Twitter @sokrox or @tombraider.

Tomb Raider screenshot - click for larger image


  1. Thanks for letting us know about this Stella!

  2. I took the survey. I hope they take our opinions about extra content into consideration. Because the LCGoL thing was a giant fiasco!!

  3. Thank you Stella. I have used and enjoyed your site for a long time. Thanks for the good news about TR9. I can't wait... now if I could just "kill" the doggone dinosaur.
    Bob A
    B )