May 1, 2010

Tomb Raider Memories – Contest Week 1

A while ago one of my online friends, Arun, suggested that I take a poll asking fans about their most memorable Tomb Raider moments. Such an extensive series, encompassing numerous games, movies, novels, comics, etc., surely includes dozens of great experiences making it hard to choose just one.

Arun wrote, "For me there are lots of glorious moments...Lara's encounter with the cobras of the Indian jungles...the gorillas of Greece...the creepy Ireland church levels in the Chronicles...and so on.

"To keep the spirits of Tomb Raider fans alive and to just rekindle the old memories, can you conduct a poll that decides the single greatest moment while playing Lara Croft games? ....This will definitely bring huge response from die-hard fans and will be a sort of nostalgia trip to our glorious past."

I couldn't agree more. But rather than limit our choices with a traditional poll, I've decided to ask a more open-ended question and give players a little incentive to respond.

Official Tomb Raider FilesSo, for a chance to win a copy of the wonderfully nostalgic Official Tomb Raider Files, published in 2001 by Carlton Books, please share one of your favorite Tomb Raider memories with me.

You can post your comment below or follow this link to find out more about my Tomb Raider Book Bonanza competition, which is happening throughout the month of May.

In case you're personal favorite single moment occurs in the first Tomb Raider Gold bonus level: Return to Egypt. As you're exploring the desert at night, you climb up the side of a stepped pyramid and suddenly the camera shifts to a wide-angle view of the pyramid and surrounding dunes. There are more dramatic moments, more exciting scenes, for sure, but somehow this encapsulates the special feeling of solitary exploration that the early Tomb Raider games evoked so well.

Return to Egypt
Return to Egypt screenshot courtesy of Katie Fleming.

Very special thanks to Matthew Nichols, who donated The Official Tomb Raider Files books for this week's prizes. Matt, you're the best!

Entering this contest implies that you have read and agree with the complete contest rules.

Entries for this week's drawing will be accepted through 11:59 p.m. EDT, Friday, May 7. Winners will be announced May 8. Later comments on this post will still be considered for the final prize drawing on May 30.

UPDATE - 5/8: Congratulations to this week's winners, angelus0901 and Emilie E.!.


  1. First of all, great idea, contest or not. This feeling of exploration is the most enthralling aspect of playing Tomb Raider, and sure there are many of them throughout the franchise.

    I totally agree with you about these little, more subtle moments. The eerie little tune that plays when danger approaches, a little chamber hidden behind vines, a fresco or relief in the wall... to me, they're even more defining than those epic scenes or frantic battles. It's all in the atmosphere.

    While there are many of these remarkable moments in all TR games, I'm sure to narrow it down to first game in the series. This game had so profound an impact in me that not only shaped my taste as a gamer, but also drew me into the topics of archeology and ancient civilizations (Egypt especially).

    I can still remember the one crucial moment for me - it was in City of Vilcabamba, when I discovered the network of submerged tunnels underneath the pool. The feeling of immersion was almost palpable; I felt the urge to hold my breath. That was the moment I knew I was in love with Tomb Raider.

  2. To Idiosyncratic Idiot-I definitely agree. As Tomb Raiders in Lara Croft's world, we all have these small moments that just make us say, 'wow'. And to Mrs. Stella, I love the idea that THIS is one of your questions because I will greatly enjoy reading the posts this week of other Tomb Raider players. I'm so very excited to see what small and simple moments define the whole gameplay experience of Lara Croft for other people. So, props Stella!

    And on my part, I have to say I struggled with my response. Was it the moment where Lara is hanging by a ledge with the Temple in The Last Revelation collapsing around her? Or was it moment where I first discovered Winston COULD be locked in the freezer? It took me awhile to finally figure out my response.

    So my defining Tomb Raider memory was in Tomb Raider 3: The Adventures of Lara Croft in the first level. Lara is in the room where she has to reach the opening on the other side of a moving wall of spikes. As I pulled the switch in the wall, rolled and jumped into the safe area (a small platform opposite the switch) I was laughing watching the wall of spikes roll slowly right past me without touching me. This has got to be my most memorable moment because I was (slightly embarassed to share this) always afraid of those moments in the Tomb Raider games where the creepy music sounded and made my heart jump. But I laughed when I was finally able to conquer my fear. So, in in conclusion, that small moment showed me how much emotion I put into those games and in the end was my defining Tomb Raider experience.

  3. The St. Francis' Folly level in the original Tomb Raider is still my all time favorite. I can picture it still, especially the Sword of Damocles which I was certain would chop Lara in half.

    The Venice levels in Tomb Raider 2, especially the Opera House and those dobermans, yikes.

    I can visualize other scenes, but nothing quite compare to those. My husband and I always played together. If we couldn't make a jump we called in our son who was pleased to show us how easy it was.

    I can't think of any other games which offered such pure amazing adventures in exploration, as if you were right there with Lara. Along for her ride, yet immersed.

  4. Great contest, oh the memories of the past...

    My favourite moment of any Tomb Raider has to be the one in Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft, on the High Security Compound Level, in the final part of the level, when Lara went through some passages leading to a higher area, with some box treadmill, and a music that screamed "FREEDOM" more than everything, started to play... oh the sense of freedom and ability to deal with the bad guys (now that the weapons had been recovered) just went through my body, and need to go away from that place... the triumph of good...

    As Lara, she can't feel like in a prison, she needs to be free, as a bird flying through the skies... This is my Tomb Raider favourite moment since it portrays the will to be free, to get away from the prison, and the accomplishment of that.

  5. I have been a die hard Tomb Raider fan since the first game, I own each game at least twice on at least 2 platforms, and aim for true 100% completion on all platforms... I am just that dedicated ;) (I even went to see the first film 3 times in the opening week!)
    Even though I have been a fan for a long time - The Crystal Dynamics trilogy as a whole story gets me unbelievably excited.

    That moment in the trailer for Underworld, where you heard Natla's voice (all my friends were telling me not to be stupid, "it wasn't Natla - Anniversary was an unrelated prequel" they'd say) my world exploded, I, a grown man had a tear in my eye I was so excited - They'd turned that "unrelated prequel" into a significant part of the story. Of course I got the game on day of release and squeed so hard when I saw Natla that my housemates heard me and asked me if I was OK! Of course I took this moment to gloat that it was Natla's voice! :P

    I know this isn't strictly a moment in the game, but it sure as hell is my favourite moment of all time! :)

  6. Oh, also - from the first gen games... 3 is my clear favourite, especially the first level.

    From the second gen (Angel of Darkness) my two favourite moments are when talking to the hooker, when she says "move along my dear, you make the place look crowded" also in the club after you power the place up... that music gets stuck in my head every time!

  7. Ohhh man . . . This is tough! I'm like everyone else; there are so many great moments throughout the games that it's difficult to pick just one.

    Being a musician, I can say that a lot of my favorite points in the game become cemented in my mind because of the great music that accompanies them. I think that simply the beginning of the Coastal Thailand level in Underworld is one of my favorite moments for this reason. I was so excited to get the game and experience the new graphics and gameplay, and while the Mediterranean levels were also amazing, there was just something about Thailand. The first time I watched the cut scene end to show Lara standing on the boat, looking out over the water and at the vegetation-covered columns and cliffs overhead, I was astounded. The music and the graphics worked together so beautifully that I could only think one thing: "Gorgeous!"

    (And just as an aside, I wanted to mention my favorite line from the first Tomb Raider movie. The morning after her home is invaded, the UPS guy comes to deliver a parcel. Upon noticing him looking around at the considerable and unusual damage, Lara explains, "I woke up this morning and I just hated everything." Love it!)

  8. Well, I have been a dedicated fan of the games since day 1, and I have to say, my favourite moments are all in TR1.

    My first favourite moment was in St Francis' Folly, in the Poseidon chamber (I think) where you get to the bottom of the underwater passage, pushed down by a current, when you relise you can't see the top. I was just imaging the claustrophobia Lara should have been having, the feeling of being cut off from the world and I just thought that Lara was so brave to keep going, as I just would have given up.

    My second moment on TR1 is in the cistern. When I got to the main basin room leading from the Palace Midas, I was just thinking it was amazing that the greeks built this complicated series of tunnels that have survived thousands of years, with no one to explore it. That underground, in the middle of a mountain, there was a colliseum, the hand of Midas and this complicated line of sewers. And the fact that Lara is still standing, meaning there is air coming from somewhere, meaning that this place could have easily been discovered, I just find fascinating.

    Well, If you are still reading, thanks for reading

  9. Wow! I'm totally impressed with everyone's answers. You've obviously put a lot of thought into this. I've gotten a few great emails too. Wish some of those people would share here too, but that's OK. I'm looking forward to reading more fond memories throughout the week.

  10. Hi there fellow raiders,have to say one of my favourite bits has to be the ancient wooden library in chronicles,the whole ireland section was pretty cool.Kudos must go to underworld though,as the first proper next-gen raider it looks absolutely stunning,can't wait to see what delights await in the future!Long live Lara+the raiders who support her.

  11. Like many Raiders, I have every one!

    My fondest memory must be Caves in TR1 - the first time took a week of an hour a night. By TR2, I could do Caves in less than 3 minutes.

    As to the all time favourite, that has to be a split between TR Legend - Japan (atmoshperic graphics and good fight with Takamoto) AND the start of TR Underworld - Coastal Thailand, The Remnants (great concept and visuals).

    Keep going, Stella, because I can see myself needing help in the future when I'm evetnually playing TR15 with the controls on my Zimmer frame ....

  12. When I started TR1 my first game on my Playstation, when Lara walked through the gate at the very start I can remember the excitment, I was in total awe at the graphics. No I am not a child I am retired TR fan and reading all those comments has made me want to get all the TR games out and start again. tTink I still have time left I hope

  13. Ah, TR memories -- so many. However, the one that sticks in my mind is the absolute shock of running into a Tyrannosaurus Rex in TR1. Made me swallow my gum!

  14. My first TR game was III. I still remember entering the Coastal Thailand level under the water with all those beautiful fish. I just wanted to swim around and play for the longest time. I hardly wanted to proceed to the rest of the level.
    Also in TR III, the Nevada levels. The views from high rocks, the waterfalls, and blue skies, all were breathtaking to me. I have spent my share of time hiking in the desert, and the feeling of being outdoors was vivid. I could almost smell the sage, feel the gritty wind. When the first stealth plane roared by overhead I about fell out of my seat!

  15. To Michael Nelson - I'm with you on the Nevada levels! I'd almost forgotten about that. I remember that I had the volume up too loud on my headphones the first time the stealth fighter screamed past. I think I clawed them off my head and might've yelled in protest, which earned me a weird look from my mom. (It was loud enough that she heard it, too!)

    (And just a correction: the level where you begin underwater is South Pacific Islands. Coastal Thailand is in Underworld. You're right; the fish were downright pretty!)

  16. Wow! What a great contest idea! It's very nostalgic to read all of my fellow raiders' posts regarding their favorite moments of this fantastic game series! It's almost as if we've shared some sort of collective experiance between us all and Lara, our faithful mediator, is forever more etched into our hearts and minds thanks to her stalwart attitude and adventurous exploits! ^_^

    Anyways, down to business: I think I'd have to preface my favorite moment by saying that my experiance with the Tomb Raider series is a bit skewed. I am 22 years old and as of now have played the whole series except for 2 (Chronicles and AoD). At this point in my life I have come to love and enjoy these games so very much! But it wasn't always like that! I grew up watching my father play the originals on our computer. As a child, I shared the experiance through his eyes; and while I immediately felt a connection to TR I will admit that I was scared to death of playing them! I still can't understand it to this day, but numerous times I picked up #3 and moved Lara throughout her house training level, but just couldn't get up enough courage to actually play the game. I didn't want to die - I didn't think that I could fight with her...not like daddy did. I was so scared of learning that I couldn't play the games, that I never allowed myself to try and see if I could! It was a very sad thing which I kept for many years. But it didn't stop me from wanting Lara to be a part of my life. A couple of years ago, I bought TR: Anniversary and gave it to my father to play so I could watch him and experiance the game without playing it myself.

    So, you might be able to understand why my absolute favorite moment, for purely personal reasons, has to be when I began playing Anniversary and discovered that I could indeed play just as well (if not better!) than my father could; and then beating the game. I will never forget the joy that spread across my face when the whole family was sitting in the living room watching my father try to beat the T-Rex in The Lost City and he couldn't seem to get the headshot thing down so he got upset and quit. And I told him to keep playing (cuz I wanted to watch it and he was my only outlet to do so) and he said "Fine then, YOU DO IT!" and I told him I couldn't and he said "Don't be scared. Just do it!" ...and so I did...and the whole family was so proud of me! And I ended up playing the rest of Anniversary with them and subsequently beating Natla and ending the game. I felt like a million dollars! I had finally conquered my fear! To celebrate, my father bought me a Lara Croft doll and I, now being on a success high, went out and bought the original TR 1. I knew that it would be so much harder than the next-gen games so it was kinda like proving myself all over again but I knew I couldn't call myself a true raider if I could only play the next-gen games. After pep talking my way through the whole game and beating Natla again (though this time was in my apartment alone) I jumped around and started crying all over the place - I kid you not! Ever since then, Natla and I have had a love-hate relationship and I haven't been scared of playing the games at all! I feel kinda silly for letting that fear take hold of me for so many long years, but it has certainly allowed me to appreciate the series far much more than watching others play it, and it helped with my confidence for other video games too.

    So that has to be my favorite moment(s) - not that they are the best in the games or that they inspire that feeling of solitude and awe-inspiring beauty like so many other moments do, but just because they hold such a special place in my heart for being the moments that I rose above a childhood inprisonment and broke the chains of fear.

    Sorry for writing such a long post - if you're still reading, thanks for sharing in my experiance with me! All of my love to my fellow raiders. I admire your strength so much! ^_^

  17. There are so many memories that I have from the whole tomb raider series, I've been in love with them ever since my Aunt bought me the first 3 games in a collector's edition pack when I was 8.

    I suppose my two favourite memories that I have from tomb raider are from tomb raider 2 and tomb raider angel of darkness.

    The first memory I love is in tomb raider 2 near the end of the great wall level as this was my favourite tomb raider game when I was 8. I loved the series of traps and dangers Lara encounted from the moment she entered that little pool with the ledge that let her hang in safety to the other side of the room. At the age of 8 having to get Lara out of the way of those 2 boulders and then continue through the level avoiding spike walls and crubbling floors, mixed with the suspenseful tension music was amazingly heart pounding for me. It has always stayed in my mind how that part of the level made me feel as a kid, adrenaline rush! It was this part of the Great Wall level where my true passion for Tomb Raider began.

    My other favourite memory is from Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness. The part that always stays in my mind is when Lara is escaping from Renne's Pawnshop and has to run through the pipe underneath a trapdoor to escape from the flames of the explosion. The cutscene of Lara running out of the pipe and leaping out of the ball of flames while Kurtis Trent always stuck in my mind. This escape gave me the heart pounding factor too as you had to be so quick to make it out of the flames, I found that cutscene amazing at the time.

    Thanks for reading Stella,

    Anna Jayne (Anna Jayne90 from xbox live)

  18. I started playing Tomb Raider with the second game, then got the first one and moved on from there. I found Stella's site early on and made it a rule that I would try a level several times on my own before seeking help (usually I was missing one crucial thing, and felt really stupid when I figured it out!)

    There are two moments that come to mind in my years of playing Tomb Raider. The first is when I finally succeeded in getting Lara out of Venice on the speed boat, jumping the ramp and crashing through the was a very Indiana Jones type moment for me and incredibly awesome (and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Stella!)

    The VCI headquarters levels in TR Chronicles was just awesomely put together. While I love exploring the ancient tombs and so on, this was a fun way of playing with Lara. Especially when I figured out the timed run against the cyborg...I remember being so tense, having tried over and over to hit the jumps just right, and suddenly I'd done it! It was awesome.

    On an additional note, as far as storytelling goes, I really enjoyed the story in Angel of Darkness.

  19. The moment I fell in love with Tomb Raider and Lara Croft was when I played TR Chronicles. It was the first TR game I played throught the end, I was stunned how amazing it was... And how difficult it was for me and that made it even better. As a freak for the unnatural, you could guess that the Ireland levels were my favorite. I remember I couldn't play them at night cause I was scared of the babies... ;)
    Another amazing set of levels were the Submarine levels, I freakin' loved them!!! Especially when Lara has tu hurry back to the sub otherwise she'd drown, what a rush of excitement...
    I have to mention the last 3 games of TR, Legend, Anniversary and Underworld. Underworld is my so far favorite game. When it was first release, I couldn't play it on my PC cause it wasn't strong enough, so my wanting to play it grew more and more every day... I got a new pc, and I couldn't believe how beaufitul and awesome the game was... The story was great, the enemies and especially Mjolnir!! That even became my favorite word!!! ;)
    So those are my fav memories, i hope you like them. Can't wait till we find out who the winners are... ;)
    You're awesome, Stella!! Your walkthroughs saved me a number of times! And thank you for this awesome comp!etition!

  20. Around 1996-1997 my father was taking us to his house for a good 2 weeks, for vacation. My biological parents are divorced. One of the many games he bought for his Sega Saturn was Tomb Raider.

    I would watch my sisters play Tomb Raider, and as they passed each level, run into each enemy we'd jump in surprise, scared because it's all completely random. We were very young at that time.

    I was interested in playing the game, but too scared, until I decided to find my favourite level (still is my favourite) Natla's mines. I didn't remember the name, but I was so eager to play it again, but too scared to play Atlantis.

    Years later--or possibly months later I buy TR2 for my PS1. My sister played through the first level and cannot pass it. Eventually I beat the game many times. When I wanted to play TR1 I used TR2 as the substitute since it was the closest to it, despite me having TR1 Gold.

    Anyway, I digress. My favourite memory of Tomb Raider is when I was young and my sisters would yelp, and squirm at such a young age when those silly animals and creatures popped out and attacked Lara.

    As already mentioned Natla's Mines is my favourite level from TR1. The original will never be topped, in my book.

  21. I was thinking about this today, and there is another moment that I love... In Legend,,, when Alistair says they are going to Cornwall, and Lara replies "Down the M5 to the A30 Cornwall?" It's a joke that only a UK audience could get, and I especially loved it because I used to live in Cornwall, and have visited several a roadside Arthurian attraction in the region whilst living there!

  22. More great ones. Thanks, everybody!

    Matt, that reminds me of a funny TR moment I shared with my son. He was doing something on the computer and I was playing Legend on the Xbox in the same room. I got to the exact part you mentioned, where Lara is crawling through the pipe and you hear Alister say over the headset, "You are not going to believe where his leads....Cornwall." I thought my son wasn't even paying attention, but all of a sudden he goes, "She's going to crawl through a sewer from Kazakhstan to Cornwall?!" ;D

  23. I have so many great memories of playing Tomb Raider games. One of my most vivid was when I was playing TR: Last Revelation. I was playing the 11th level, Guardian of Semerkhet. I was at the part where you run past the doors and something pushes against them like it's trying to get out.

    I was so tense by the time I reached the end of the hallway and encountered the bull that I screamed and accidentally dropped the controller. My cat, who had been sleeping peacefully on my lap, bolted out of the living room and raced upstairs in terror. Thankfully, when I dropped the controller it unplugged itself from the PS console and the game paused so I had a minute to collect myself.

    Another fond memory was when I was trying to learn the swan dive on the Wii version of Anniversary. I was half looking at your website on how to execute it and half looking at the screen. I jumped off and pressed the right buttons, then turned back to the TV to see that I had accidentally moved the directional controls and instead of swan diving into a pool of water that was right in front of her, Lara jumped to the left and met a very messy ending on the ground below.

  24. Ok So it all started in the summer of 1999. my mom Rented an PS1. and i was living in Lawrence massachutes. (yeah i spelled it Wrong ;D) My mom wanted to get a game for my dad for the PS1 and found TR2. she rented the game from blockbuster. and saw lara`s character in the front cover she probably thought my dad would like it because its a girl with big Boobs or something. so my Dad and uncle were Both Freaks when they played. they were at the ending of china when you have to kill the T-Rex. it was pretty scary for me beause i was only about 4 or 5. so i knew the buttons. and gave it a try. yup i killed the T-rex. thats what made me AWSOME :D i was better than my uncle and dad. thats the day Lara Croft came into my spirit. since then i loved lara. but i never knew her name. so i would call her
    "Girl with the two guns and ponytail" i would Scream Out her name at Toys'R'Us because i would see the lara croft action figures/dolls everywere. But My All Time Favourite/Scary/funny.
    is when Bad guys Out of the blue would come shooting at you. i would either Jump,Scream, or even shiver. MY Second Fav TR Moment is when Lara In Tombraider Legend in bolivia the second cutscene has lara climbing up these Rocky mountains. and the piece of rock Falls and lara grabs to another one. then she Swan Dives. But My Third Last But Not Least Fav TR moment is when Lara Tricks Piarre in TR5. she Promised to save him but lets him die. well hope anyone finds this interesting you to stella :D -Peace :D

  25. It was difficult to pin down the best of the best moment (actual vertigo looking down into St. Francis' Folly? The fact that wolves could be so scary? Figuring out the corner bug for the first time to get on the roof? Visiting my friend every week to play her copy of Tomb Raider?!) But my favorite Tomb Raider memory has to go to the moment I looked "up" and discovered the way to the dinosaur-infested section of The Lost Valley. It marked the first time in a video game that I learned to solve a problem by thinking "around" it.

    I was hooked from the beginning though-even the demo screens on the original game were compelling, scary, and evocative. It rekindled my love of gaming since I'd packed up my Atari and NES years before. Still going strong, and that great Tomb Raider experience has brought me lots of enjoyable material, from the rest of the games, to the films, to the comics. I just wish there were more adventures to play through!

  26. I remember the first time I played with Tomb Raider (original verion from Core Design)I became suddenly intersted in the character. When Top Cow Comics published the comics of Lara, I bought them. Since then, I became a huge fan of Lara Croft. And I say also 'thank you' to Stella for the various walkthroughs of the games of 'Tomb Raider'. Daniele Zucchi

  27. OMG! Can't believe some of the moments I've read. They are SO totally like mine! I definitely love the cutscene in Underworld in the very end. Amanda and Lara would make a great duo if they'd get past their differences and move along. But the way Crystal Dynamics made that scene was just INCREDIBLE! It really showed the escalated plot scale of the Tomb Raider series!

  28. I think Genuine Raider had a good point. All of my fav. memories are ones people already expressed. But my fav. fav. is in Legend when you're in Arthur's tomb and you're riding the coffin down the waterway! HAha! That was SOOOO much fun. And my other fav. part is where you have to fight the slimy monster in the water after you find the piece of Excalibur. That took me awhile to figure it out, but Lara helped me out along the way! Thanks for everything Stella!

  29. Well, this is a unique question, Stella. I can't find any good site with a real forum to converse about my thoughts on Tomb Raider on, so this is a great opportunity! But I must say that my favorite memory from Tomb Raider was at the very end of Tomb Raider 2, the cutscene. Only because it was downright hilarious, of course. My friend was the one who showed me it in the first place and, once while singing in the bathroom (so embarassing...) I quoted Lara when she's in her bathrobe and says, 'Don't you think you've seen enough?' and shoots the camera with her shotgun. Good times...

  30. This is a pretty cool advertising ploy, Stella. I've been telling all of my friends about your site/ contest (only one has entered) but it's good you're getting the word around about Stella's Tomb Raider Site! Heaven knows where I'd be without it. So my favorite Tomb Raider moment? Prolly in Legend when Lara is in Ghana atop the majestic skyscraper. The music flowed perfectly with the scenery and my heart lifted when I Swan Dived off the top to the watery depths below.

  31. I just discovered your site tonight Stella! It's so cool. I was hanging out with my friend and he suggested playing these Tomb Raider games awhile back. I'm not much of a gamer and was somewhat reluctant, but I eventually began playing with Legend and what can I say? I was hooked! But I finally got the series put together, I don't have Underworld on anything but My bro's DS yet, and I was loving every minute of it.

    Until I got Chronicles.

    Chronicles was a unique experience for me because it was the most difficult challenge I had experienced in the entire series. But my favorite memory is when Lara was in Rome.

    You know in the Rome level where you have to find the keystone to fit into the wall of the tomb-ish thing where the Guardians come out and shoot fire, well, when you have to get the keystone from the metal head that floats in the small chamber and shoots green lasers at you, that's where I was just yesterday so my friend suggested Stella's Tomb Raider site. And just today I discovered your blog and figured out that you have to shoot that guy in the eyes directly.

    Thanks Stella for your wonderful site and cool contest! Best of luck to everyone!

  32. Hi Stella! I would be honored to share my best espirience in a tomb raider game, for me it's very to do it since i've played all of them... but if i had to chose it would be with no douth the antartida levels in TR3, this levels have present elements like: mysterious escavation sites and big ugly mutants that realy scared me in the firt time i played, I take special atention to (RX-Teck Mines) that dark corridor with smoke and exaust noize probabily from the heat pipes, were in the end of the corridor a huge mutant jumps right at you. Thats my most memorable moment of TR because it caught me completly by surprize.

    Cheers to you Stella!! and good raid everyone!

  33. Great idea, it's always cool to read the best moments of other players... Well, let's see... One of the best moments of all the TR games is, in my opinion, the whole TR2 Venice levels. There's not a particular reason for me, maybe because I'm Italian, maybe because the architecture is perfect, it seems the real Venice...
    Another thing can be the mummies in Tomb Raider 4... I was really scared of them, at the time I was only 6, so they gave me nightmares XD
    Last but not least, all the architecture in the Pacific levels of TR3, I love these levels... there are huge environments, and you can explore almost every corner of them. Yeah, that's how modern TRs should be :P

  34. My favorite moment isn't just one moment. I, like others, like a series of levels. Specifically the Submarine levels in Tomb Raider 3. My particularly favorite moment was when Lara has but only a few breaths to spare as she swims into the sunken sub. It took me forever to discover the hidden entrance and the sharks were down-right menacing! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO STELLA!!!!

  35. Dear Stella and my fellow Raiders,
    Lara Croft has been a part of me since I was younger. I got Tomb Raider 2 for the Playstation and simply adored ints uniqueness. But my favorite part about the Tomb Raider series is the scene in Revelation where Lara says to Von Croy, 'On your head be it.' when he's pulling the lever to reach the Iris. It simply shows the coolness of Lara as a slapback teenager and its a side of her that pops of more frequently in the future.

  36. Ok just another one, quickly; I will just say this;

  37. Hi.I've played almost all TR games over the years but the one that really is in my heart is TR3 probably because it was my first TR game.I was 13 back at the time it came out for PC in 1999 or so. The moments I still remember to this day making me feel emotionally attached and nostalgic are in the first levels in India and south pacific islands...The moment that out of a sudden 2 beautiful tigers attack you, and later when you enter a temple and those 4 handed statues suddenly wake up...back then i was in love with the game and every morning i had this feeling of other worries,no other problems like today.. I was so devoted to it and wanted to see whats coming next. What a fantastic experience. I also enjoyed the rest of the games especially last revelation, anniversary and tr2 but TR3 will be my all time favorite and surely among the top5 games i EVER played.

    1. The contest is long over, but it's great to hear your reminiscences. Thanks for sharing. I love TR3 too. :)