May 22, 2010

Tomb Raider Book Bonanza Week 3 Winners

This time we have an even more bountiful bonanza than usual. The gods of chance have certainly smiled on Igor C. from Croatia. Not one but two of his entries were chosen by the random number generator at this week, and, as you may remember, Igor also won one of the prizes the first week of the contest. Way to go, Igor!

But, in all fairness to the other entrants, I decided we needed two more winners for week 3. So congratulations as well to scruff1996 from Worcester, U.K., who posted here on the blog, and 555Helion, from Pennsylvania, U.S.A., who entered on YouTube. All three winners will receive a collection of 5 Tomb Raider Tankobon comic books.

There's also been a slight change in last week's standings. I never heard back from one of the winners. So, we now have an alternate winner for week 2: Katie L., also from Pennsylvania, whose imaginative entry had a character based on a Tomb Raider fan teaming up with Lara. Katie wins a copy of Lara's Book. Congrats!

Thanks again to everyone else who has participated so far. I really enjoyed reading all your ideas for new games. I hope you'll all stick around for this week's grand prize, The Art of Tomb Raider book. I'll be posting a new topic shortly.

To view the contest drawing results, follow this link to


  1. Stella, this is 555Helion, this week's winner. I sent you an email confimring my acceptance of this week's prize as a reply to your email you sent me. Just putting this here so you know that I contacted you. Could you email me back though so I know if you got this or not?
    Thanks for everything, Stella.
    Hunter Wolfe (555Helion)

  2. Hi Stella!
    Katie Luckenbaug, here. Just letting you know my mom's going to send a confirmation email for recieving the prize from lasst week. I sent an email to you already with my address on it (it was a REPLY message to the original YOU-WON! message you sent me) Thanks again!
    Katie Luckenbaug

  3. OK, Stella, my mom, Crystal sent a confirmation email. Sorry this is all so late, but I just am SO excited to get a Tomb Raider book. It's not like a book you buy yourself. It's something special you can recieve from the master-of-Tomb Raider herself. Thanks for this INCREDIBLE opportunity.

    Katie Luckenbaugh
    (p.s. my email is on the email I sent you cause I didn't want to put it on the blog. Thanks again!)

  4. Sorry Stella, one more thing. I'm only 15 (today's my birthday!!!) so I had (am having) my mom send an email. She should have it to you by today or tomorrow, so it shoudn't be too late. Even so, she wouldn't care if I had it sent to the house or not. So thank you lots!
    Regards, Hunter (555Helion)

  5. You're very welcome, both of you...and very smart for not posting your email addresses publicly. I can't tell you how much spam I get, but I need people to be able to contact me through the site. I have another email address for personal stuff that I never post anywhere.

    Anyway, I've been in touch with both of your moms, and everything is squared away. I'll get the books sent out to you Monday or Tuesday.

    My goal with this contest—along with giving away some cool stuff to people who'd really enjoy it—was to build more of a community here. And it looks like it's working. Thanks for being a part of it. :)

    P.S. Happy birthday, Hunter! Winning a prize on your cool is that?!

  6. hi stella, just to let you know that i sent you my email address so you can contact me about the prize, thank you!!!!!!!!!