July 26, 2009

Tomb Raider: Re\Visioned the Animated Series

After reading my profile, several online acquaintances mentioned how much they also love cartoons and anime. Never one to brush aside such synchronicity, I thought I'd take a quick look back at Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider, one of my favorite places where games and anime intersect.

Lara Re-visioned by
Æon Flux artist
Peter Chung
This animated series premiered on GameTap.com in 2007 just after Anniversary came out. I hadn't watched it since then, but I remembered how much fun these little, 6-minute shorts are. Each segment is done in a different style—from serious to comical, from anime to Cartoon Network—by such talented artists and writers as Peter Chung (right) and Women In Refrigerators creator Gail Simone. Minnie Driver, one of my favorite actors, does the voice of Lara and really gives Keeley Hawes a run for her money.

When I tried to re-watch them this week, I found that the GameTap Tomb Raider micro-site is no longer online. Fortunately the cartoons are alive and well on YouTube.

My favorite episode is #8, Pre-Teen Raider, which shows that Lara clearly had the makings of a great adventurer even at age 12. I also enjoyed #6-7, Angel Spit, a more traditional adventure in which Lara discovers another tomb that should probably have remained buried. I'd be interested to know which ones you like.


  1. WHAT GREAT FUN! Great art, amusing and imaginitive story lines. Thanks Stella for turning me on to this!

  2. ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT! I didn't know these animated shorts existed. I liked them all for differentl reasons, however, one thing in common is Lara Croft. Whether childlike or gorgeous she is afterall Lara Croft.

  3. OMG I got hooked on already!! Well, the animation isn't perfect (anime usually haven't got a PERFECT animation) but it doesn't matter a bit! (That's true with all anime) I just hope that in coming episodes Lara isn't too... childlike. (I just watched episode 1) But now I'll go to see some moore ;)

  4. I liked the episodes "Keys to the Kingdom 1-3" because they were Egyptian and at the time I was a HUGE Egypt freak. That is what got me into Tomb Raider altogether: the first one I played was Last Revalation.

  5. koonchan: I'm STILL huge Egypt freak! ;)

  6. To koonchan and Serafiina: same rule applied to me. I'm an Ancient Egyptian freak!

  7. Stella, I love you, really, I was looking for something like this for ages.

  8. Thanks, Eva. Of course I didn't make the cartoons but I try to help spread the word about fun stuff like this. :)


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