August 3, 2009

21st Century Gamer Mom

My 16-year-old son finally convinced me to join Xbox LIVE… naturally only after I had unlocked more than 1100 points of Tomb Raider: Underworld achievements on his profile. ;) 

My computer has been in the repair shop for the last few days, so I've been replaying Underworld and the bonus levels, Beneath the Ashes and Lara's Shadow. I freely admit that I suck at Xbox—still can't manage that "Right of Passage" achievement—but what fun!

I've got Mirror's Edge waiting in the wings and Legend for the 360 on order, and I could use a little encouragement. So if any of you would like to add me as a friend on Xbox LIVE, that would be great. My gamertag is stellalune. I don't play any online games—at least not yet—but I'd love to hear your Xbox tips and game recommendations for a new player with some PC skills.


  1. When I needed help to plat Tomb Raider, I always entered your site. It's well explained and detailed.
    Congratulations for this great job!
    When I saw your blog, I had to comment!
    Sorry about my english...

  2. I love this post! So great to see another gamer mom! We have a group at if you'd like to join us.

  3. Thanks so much, ladies. :) Jennifer, I tried your link and keep geting an error. Is that the correct address? Maybe the site is down. I'll check again later.

  4. Stella! is one of my oldest bookmarks. I downloaded the TR demo back in '96 (?) and have used your site exclusively ever since. (Diehard PC player by the way.) It's nice to finally put a face to the "mistress." And you're only a couple of years older than me. Thanks for all the help over 13 years!

  5. Hi Stella!

    Your site has ALWAYS been my favorite for all things TR. As far as the XBox goes, the one game I really enjoyed was Dead Space. And if you get your hands on a PS3 console, I highly recommend "Drake's Fortune - Uncharted". Very Tomb Raiderish, actually I think it's a rip off of TR! Not as much fun, but still an excellent game.

    Keep on raidin!


  6. Hello Stella. I have yet again returned to your wonderful archives for underworld. i usually figure out alot of the games myself now, however, i remember being 10 years of age using your site for my game boy color game. It's good to see you still keep the page up to date, and so well detailed. im currently on my treasure and relic hunts in legend anniversary and underworld. thought i would start of with underworld as the 2 expansions are just great and the storyline is one of the best.

    congratulations on joining xbox live. i would have a look in the marketplace for a game called braid. it starts of a simple side scroller-platformer, but believe me its a challenge getting some of the puzzle pieces

  7. I don't remember exactly how I got into Tomb Raider, but I do remember playing the demo, flailing at the wolves, not knowing I had pistols via the space bar. I bought the game in the trapazoidal box, the disk went bad years ago and now I play torrented version. I also remember saving "Stellas Walkthroughs" to hard disk, wondering about this Tomb Raider guru! I don't mess with the new versions or demos due to the DRM.

  8. Hi Stella, you're website has helped me so much throughout my tomb raiding, I think I've been using this site since 06 when I had the classic Tomb Raider games on my Windows '98 and you're site never fails to help me when I'm in a state of panic in the tomb. I even decided to go and play Angel of Darkness again even though as a 16 year old I should be completing college work haha " Move along ma cher, you make the place look crowded". Thanks a bunch for all your help from my windows to my Xbox you're always the top gal for the Tomb Raider 411, you are the Tomb Raider Goddess Haha

    1. Thanks, anon. That's really sweet. I'm glad my site has been helpful. And don't feel guilty about taking breaks from studying to game (or breaks from gaming to study). When you're playing TR, you're learning art history, archaeology, mythology, even a little geography. All grist for the mill. ;)