July 10, 2009

YouTube Channel Update: Underworld Relic Videos

I know it's about 8 months too late, but I have finally gotten around to finishing and uploading the Underworld relic walkthrough videos. Yay! 

Many of you have requested complete video walkthroughs, but that project is just too time consuming for me to undertake. Besides, there are already plenty of good video walks out there. Still, I hope these will be helpful to anyone who's just started the game or who missed any relics the first time through.

I plan to gradually add videos for the gold rewards in Legend, the relics in Anniversary and who knows what after that. It'll probably take me another 8 months to finish Legend again. If only there were 12 extra hours in the day just to play. ;)


  1. I really enjoy seeing an expert run Lara through her paces. The YouTube videos are a great idea.

  2. Thanks so much, but you should see some of the expert speedrunners' videos. Talk about impressive. Check out tombrunner.net if you haven't already seen it. I will be including a article featuring some of those guys here on the blog very soon. :)

  3. Stella

    Having done the whole TRUG and repeated some favourite levels, I've just started a complete re-run and those video walk-throughs are just ACE. I should be able to knock quite a bit of time off some of the challenges.

    Keep it up.